POLL: Hi mums! If you could win an all-expenses-paid home upgrade...

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May 3, 2017
last modified: May 4, 2017

Mother's day is just over the horizon and here at Houzz we want to know how you'd like to be spoilt.

If you could win an all expenses-paid upgrade to your home for Mother’s Day, which would you choose?

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Home addition/renovation
Exterior upgrades
Reorganisation of some or all rooms of my home
Redecorating of some or all rooms of my home
Other - tell us below!
None of the above

Comments (30)

  • oklouise

    self cleaning everything and a garden upgrade

  • Julie Herbert
    I would love to uograde my kitchen.
  • Nikki Stewart
    We are moving into a new tiny house that needs extensions and serious renovating!!
  • Jane O'Donnell

    How nice it would be to have a proper laundry, a second living space and a butler's pantry with more space in the kitchen. Just a few tweaks around the house!

  • Nikki Stewart
    I'm loving using the Houzz app to help me plan and organise my renovating ideas and feel the images presented really reflect the traditional style that I would love to have in my house! Bring on an extension and major renovation of the kitchen and bathrooms!!
  • Yvonne Newman

    I would request new floating floors throughout, an interior paint, a bathroom and ensuite upgrade and a new kitchen .. not much really LOL !!!

  • Patricia Coulter
    I wanted to keep my promise to my late husbands wish , that I never sell our home, I know he would be happy and want me to renovate and enjoy for many more years to come
  • macyjean

    More storage, renovate bathrooms for easier cleaning.

  • Doris

    My outdoors needs TLC!!

  • PRO
    VTC Interiors

    Even though I work in the industry everything seems to come before my new kitchen which keeps being put off and other things take priority.

  • Liz Kalaf

    I'm in the middle of renovating/extending, but I have no plans for the inside of my new laundry and my newly converted butlers pantry...I'd love some help!!

  • nouveaux9

    My lack of exterior landscaping privacy with my neighbours is heartbreaking and overwhelming. Both my kitchen and laundry areas are yuckky and the interior and exterior are overdue for a paint .... so any magic anywhere would be brilliant !!

  • Erin Bradley

    Have been house hunting for way too long in Auckland - so just to have a house in a great area would be wonderful - looking forward to this next season and using some of the ideas I have been saving in houzz!!!

  • Chelsea
    A new kitchen or a working laundry would be a Godsend!
  • trish_veltman

    We're desperate for a bathroom upgrade. Doing the rest of the house ourselves but bathroom beyond our skill and budget as we need the bath replaced with a walk-in shower.

  • hokeypokeyicecream

    I am still waiting for resolution on my house damaged in the 2011 Christchurch earthquake...then I want to start again...a little cottage or a modern apartment, I don't mind...I just want a place of my own. My file here on Houzz is bursting with ideas...I call it my "dream file"!

  • Catherine Epping
    Our three kids have significantly worn out the walls and carpet. Cricket bats, toy cars, and textas, are some of the insults our walls have faced, whilst our carpets have seen spills from both accidents and tantrums. All part of having kids... but I would love a repaint and recarpet!
  • Deidre Heywood

    bits and pieces, new carpets, new paint, new curtains, tweaks in bathrooms and kitchen just lots of little things

  • pascoeyvonne

    My house is in need of a repaint, floors need re-polishing, bathrooms need updating. The garden also needs major work such as terraced landscaping and retainer walls.

  • loken88

    I would really love an en-suite and new clothes cupboards in our main bedroom.

  • Margo Pinkerton

    And I would looov white wooden shutters for my bedroom and living room Margi

  • lesleyspersonaladdress

    My daughter has a very old, tiny kitchen so I would want to upgrade that for her.

  • allison Hall
    We have a large open plan lounge/dining/ area. We have 4 French doors leading off this area onto a lovely balcony. Double glazing the windows and French doors in this would be my ideal dream renovation.
  • Vikki Warren
    Our house is a grand old lady highrise Queenslander who was the original farmhouse of the area built in 1905. We would dearly love to restore her grand double front staircase to it's former glory so that she can stand proud again. At present it unfortunately can't be used due to safety reasons.
  • debluc
    Living in close quarters with two large males! Need some extra room and luxe!
  • Frieda Little

    I would luv an outdoor makeover. We live on a corner block with no back yard, just a front yard. and the question has always been how do we entertain/relax win the front yard.

  • Debra
    I would love to get my home finished -especially the laundry - would love that to be done for Mother's Day and help with de cluttering and giving empty rooms a useful purpose
  • Barbara Wong

    Upgrades and renovations!

    It would be awesome to be able to surprise Mum for cos were well overdue for some upgrades. My mums always given everything to us kids... it would super amazing if we could upgrade her little piece of haven since she's spends most of her time home alot!

  • Karen Finlayson
    the whole house needs attention, Me and my youngest daughter with her Three Boys, live together in a Three bedroom one lounge and one toilet / bathroom, yes we are renting, through housing department, yes the rent is convenient as we pay a minimum of a quarter of our income, just need a better laid out house design with the toilet being a separate room with an extra toilet thrown in, in the laundry area, yes we are blessed to have a roof over our heads, we live in NSW, Australia.
  • Jen

    New bathroom !