lighting (and powerpoint) advice

May 24, 2017
last modified: August 23, 2017

Hi all, hoping to draw on the collective wisdom here: Here are our extension plans and we're at the stage of needing to consider lighting/power points. Would appreciate suggestions. I'm planning a hanging strip led over island and pendant over dining table. Other than this I am open to suggestions. The Western side of 2-sided fireplace will be where tv is placed. There will be a low bench running the length of both sides under fireplace and will configure power points both sides within cabinetry. Want option to have lamp near seating area on Eastern side of fireplace.

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  • C R

    Something linear to compliment the island strip light for general lighting. And then some flush downlights strategically spaced to compliment art or surface wash details.

  • antonia_d
    We added a dimmable LED lightstrip within a bulkhead that runs around the perimeter of our living and dining. I think it would look great in your family room. We don't have any downlights in the area as it's not needed. I've attached a photo to illustrate.
  • C P

    Wow, thank you, some very interesting suggestions.

  • PRO
    Undercover Architect

    CP listen to my podcast on Tuesday - I've got a special UA Community offer with a fantastic new Australian company doing DIY LED strip lighting you can order online!

    And don't forget a power point in your island ;) Pop it on a fixed panel on the inside front, so you don't have it sticking out as a feature on either end.

    Amelia, UA

  • C P
    Thanks Amelia, always listen to your podcast!

    I'm definitely doing some power points under the shelf under the fireplace (what is that even called? It will be like a bench seat anyway)
  • C P
    That was very interesting about the DIY led strip lighting, lots of food for thought there