New colourbond roof to existing premises fit/finish expectation

3 years ago
Help! SO... just had a new roof put on, BUT.... what's the expectations from a plumber/roofer with finish and what's acceptable? It was a 6 month painstaking ordeal to finally get enough quotes just to make a decision. We chose the old school older guy because he was fastest to reply and over all standard of customer interaction promptness. BUT, tho he also threw 4 guys at our job, he's also evidently a pushy 'come on boys hurry we have a next job waiting' type guy, and after over a week, started to show the stress of hurrying them up. Now I've laboured for a roofer, and appreciate working with metal will be near impossible to not keep all surface from getting the odd scratch..

My questions are:
- new colourbond roof sheeting, how appropriate and/or realistic should I be in allowing scratches in the new surface during installation to be left untouched?

- a job was quoted with two types of insulation installed.
Upon stripping the roof, the old insulation was in good condition so they added one of the quoted products to beef it up, BUT, couldn't fit the secondary product. Boss stated he would factor this out of the total cost, BUT, he then bought some other batts (only a bag or two were used ( maybe $200 worth) of his own accord to install in a sub internal roof cavity where there was nothing. Do we accept the original final quote price they're now asking to finalise OR expect $$$ taken out due to the lesser amount of original product????

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