Colour scheme for living room

Fatima Ahmed
August 28, 2017
last modified: August 29, 2017

Hi, I have bought this couch and coffee table. Need a rug, cushions and curtains to go with it. What colour would be best. Can teal work?

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  • celerygirl

    here is blue/teal that goes good with cream and dark brown.

  • Fatima Ahmed
    Thanks for your advice! I can really see the blue working well with the couch
  • sarah_eddy6

    Love the soft blue with your neutral base! Then you could lift it even more with some metallic(silver or gold would work) / glass accents such as a stylish lamp and an interestingly shaped mirror on the wall and a couple of decorative things on the coffee table. I'm sure it'll look lovely!

  • celerygirl

    here is cream with light blue

  • Melbourne44 Musk

    Do everything in shades of grey ( not a cold grey) eg dark grey carpet square, pale grey walls, with picture frames etc to match the coffee table. Then splurge on cushions...any colour/pattern you like, a throw, plants and lamps.

  • Kathy

    I would go a nice bright turquoise to lift things. Something like

    and perhaps a rug like this
    hope this helps

  • Bernadette Staal

    I think you need to take some colour from the coffee table and incorporate it into the room. If you like the teal colour then I would go with something like the rug pictured above added by Kathy - that looks lovely.

  • Fatima Ahmed
    Thanks for all the ideas. I really like the rug Kathy and I have also found something like I would be placing that. For the curtains would something patterned look better or plain if I'm going with the rug pictured above?
  • PRO
    Windview Australia
    I would go with something plain, utilising one of the greys in the rug or a white. I would stick to a modern structured curtain to balance the pattern in the rug
  • Dagmar Scherer

    The newest trends are dark greens, a plush throw or some cushions will bring warmth into the place and it really does look exquisite, have a look here: Home Decor Trends 2018

  • Julie Herbert
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    this is a gorgeous
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    combination, looks fresh and striking add a feature chair and a wow look you have.

  • Kathy

    If you're going to buy a rug in those coloured perhaps plain curtains of with a hint/hemline in this turquoise colour only as a "pop" of colour in curtains to tie it in.

  • Deirdre Foot

    Teal works really well with dark chocolate brown and beige (greeny blue teals with deep brown leather sofas or tables and caramel walls pop and yet are homely and comfortable) so a rug underneath the table and sofa to delineate that space with teal in it or all teal (I would go for a pattern as you have very neutral pieces the one from Kathy above with caramel and beige is perfect I think) could work -ditto curtains and cushions. Given the neutral pieces you could add pops of another colour depending on the teal tones you use. Also lighter turquoise tones that sort of layer with teal - its deeper cousin.... a turquoise ceramic (or other objects) with a toning teal one ( teal and turquoise can vary on the blue-green spectrum) and a lovely caramel coloured piece ( things work well together in 3's I find) all of varying heights shapes and some texture on at least 1 - would look great somewhere. Burnt orange (a more subtle tone than hot orange) can be a great and more adventurous addition as can khaki - just keep them subtle and mix it up. I have a great market bought cushion made from an old woollen tartan type blanket of aqua /turquoise, a light khaki and burnt orange with a caramel leather cross on it that looks so good on my dark brown leather sofa (sorry no photo on me).