Need help with lighting please

September 4, 2017

We are installing a corrugated iron ceiling and are puzzled about lighting that will mount easily across the ripples. We do not want pendants, would prefer something like down lights but obviously it is far too difficult to cut many neat round holes in a rippled sheet. So are open to suggestions. It is for our living area on the end of an open plan kitchen-living area, quite large, the whole area is 16 metres long.

Look forward to suggestions

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  • PRO
    RJP Design and Decor

    I think the other issue to consider is the iron ceiling might not be able to hold the light fitting due to weight and being thin too. I'm wondering if you can cut out square or rectangle shapes in the iron and fixing timber block painted silver where you will be able to cut out the perfect shape of the down light and the timber is fixed to the roof structure so the light fittings will be able to be installed safely??? The iron roof than is butted up to the timber blocks in the ceiling.

  • annb1997

    That's a good idea RJP. It's the first thing that popped into my head too. I think it would look quite striking.