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2 years ago
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Our clients brief:

  • Entertaining/relaxation/play for adults and children.
  • Utilise the natural contours of the land where possible.
  • Planting to provide screening, interest and structure and be low maintenance.
  • Hide the driveway/shed and neighbours whilst maintaining views from the upper balconies to the golf course/green areas beyond.
  • Address the issue of an old raised pond that had fallen into disrepair and no longer fit for purpose.
  • A solution for all the house guttering stormwater/rain run off from the house and driveway that floods the garden and has turned it into a dangerous, weed infested bog.
  • Design to meet Council Complying Development (no Development Application required).
  • Make the garden safe - the rear of the garden had a rotting deck over a pit and non compliant retaining walls/fencing to the neighbouring homes 3m drop.

Before Shots:

Site cleared:

To work with the contours as much as was possible we envisaged a multi-functional terraced garden that all the family can use and enjoy. We designed elements such as the boundary retaining walls and garden beds were within council Complying Development guidelines.

Our Solution:

We had to completely clear the site to see the existing ground levels and topography. To design multi-functional terraced garden that all the family can use and enjoy.


We introduced an organic curved deck for interest and to break up the rectilinear lines of the house architecture and new terracing, and to also follow the existing bush rock outcrop.

We included with a rusted mild steel fire pit, which in Summer is used as a coffee table with a removable top, and planted a 2 deciduous shade trees for warmer months. We added a built in storage under the new steps for the firewood.

Kangaroo paws are planted to provide privacy between the deck and the first terraced lawn whilst allowing the views from the upper terraces to remain.


Bardwell Valley Terraced Garden · More Info

We introduced a rain garden to manage the stormwater/rain from residence guttering and sloping drive way that filtered into the garden/terraces below., and included appropriate planting for such conditions, that also provided screening of the shed and driveway whilst maintaining the views from the upper balconies and terraces of the home.

Two private lawn terraces for the kids (and adults) enjoy that were constructed to deal with the fall of the land. Wide step access for these were designed to provide a journey to view the boundary plants by placing them at alternative sides of the terraces.

An old crumbling elevated pond was converted into a raised feature garden bed for screening of neighbouring terrace.

A new retaining wall was engineered to make the rear boundary safe and compliant, and a new fence added. This and the existing fences were all painted black so that they visually receded and made the new plantings ‘pop’.


Bardwell Valley Terraced Garden · More Info

Bardwell Valley Terraced Garden · More Info

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