Dining table near alfresco dining table dilemma

October 13, 2017
Hi we need help with furnishing the space beside our kitchen Island bench, we would like a dining table (8-10)seater, but on the other side is our alfresco area that we already have a 8 eater table. Will it look strange having the two tables in similar size adjacent to each other, even though one is a outside alfresco area. Please check out the two photos and I would love your feedback. Cheers Kez

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  • oklouise

    our solution is to have a big rectangular extendable table inside and a smaller round table outside and swop the tables for different occasions

  • LesleyH
    Alternatively set up an outdoor sofa and armchair area. Entres and pre dinner drinks outside and move inside for the main meal. This would give you a great area to relax outside.
  • kezgreer
    Hi thanks yes that would work and would give more room in the alfresco area too, the only thing is we have not long ago purchased the outside table and we do use it a lot as we have a large family
    Definitely will consider that option
    Thanks so much
  • LesleyH
    Some ideas
  • annb1997

    I don't know how you feel about glass topped tables, but if you had a large one in your dining area, maybe with wicker or cane chairs, the outdoor seating arrangement would not compete with the overall look and both serve their respective purposes.

  • kezgreer
    Thanks so much, I do like the idea of changing the outdoor to be more of a relaxed area, with low soft couches etc
    And yes I have seen some really nice glass top tables with timber bases but Im not sure how glass would go with the grandchildren.
    I feel like I need to have someone come out and organise the furniture in our home, it's just not working at the moment.
    Thanks so much for your help, I want to make sure I get it right because a new table and chairs are a large investment for us.
  • annb1997

    I understand your concern re glass. It is tempered, but if you are worried then don't go with it. Maybe a long oval light timber table with pedestal base (to minimise heaviness of the look and fit chairs around it more easily) and simple style chairs inside, then take your time choosing outdoor seating. I would go with low-back sofa arrangement outdoors with bright colourful cushions. Wicker or bamboo are quite lovely. Just don't settle for something if you are unsure. Best to take your time. My husband & I always do the 'sit test' on any chairs or sofas we buy to be sure of the comfort level for extended periods.

  • siriuskey

    Hi there, I can't quite make out the photo of your new out door setting, but it looks very much like the same as I helped my sister inlaw buy, She has this as an in door setting, we bought double the number of chairs and used a couple at a nearby computer desk and at a kitchen table., we added a matching square table for outside use similar to you and bring both tables together inside or out when having large get together's . Those chairs are so comfortable, cheers

  • elinitha_au
    Our layout is very similar re indoor/outdoor. I have a large dining table inside and one directly outside. They feel 'right' and have never thought to not have both. Excuse the pic. Took it straight from the iPad to respond to this thread.
  • kezgreer
    Thanks so much for the picture as yes your layout is the same and your tables don't look out of place. Thank you
  • Crissy
    I say go for it...put a table In there... it won't look right otherwise.
  • PRO
    Let's Revamp - Property Styling and Decorating

    Hi Kez, I agree with you, finding the right table, chairs and accessories for a space is very important as it can be a costly and time consuming exercise. You mentioned in one of your earlier responses that you feel like you need to have someone come out and help organise the furniture in your home for you. We have the privilege of seeing a lot of homes of different shapes, sizes and styles and have been able to help clients restyle their homes, as well as reshuffle, restyle and reorganise their furniture to better help with the flow of the house. We also work with a large number of suppliers and can help you by taking the stress out of sourcing a suitable dining table and chairs for your dining area. I'm positive we will be able to find something very nice that will suit that space. If this is something that is of interest to you, please feel free to send us an email: info@letsrevamp.com.au or give me a call on (02) 4312 5634, I would love to see if I can help you further. Regards, Nicolene