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Sealer for pavers

4 years ago
We loved your pavers so much that we researched them and purchased them from Concrete Collaborative - but in a pewter grey.. I have two questions. 1. We did not get the same amount of variation in color which is the thing i loved so much about yours. How did you achieve so much color variation or it that just how they came?

2. We are having issues with sealing the pavers. First we used the sealer that was sent with the pavers but it was super glossy and supposedly was not the right product to use with polymeric sand. Then we stripped a few and tried a very expensive water and oil repellent but the water puddles so long on top that it actually creates more stains. Do you remember the exact sealer that you used. We have a lot of trees nearby so staining is definitely an issue.

Thanks so much for your help!
72 The Parade Ascot Vale Victoria Australia · More Info

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