U-shape kitchen VS island kitchen

Daisy Yin
November 7, 2017

I have a narrow lot which i can't seem to find a u-shape kitchen floor plan. We are about to meet with out designer and my husband is not convinced that it is possible to have a u-shape kitchen in a narrow lot. He thinks it takes up too much space and we will have to sacrifice on the space in the living area. He also wants a walk-in pantry.

I also need more bench space as my cooking style requires me to have several appliance running at once (slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer and sometimes the kettle). I don't know how that will work in kitchens with islands.

1. does anyone have a u-shape kitchen and a walk in pantry in a narrow floor plan ?

2. i have a u-shape kitchen now and finds that kitchens with the sink on the island extremely non-functional for one who may need ample of bench space.

3. Is a butlers pantry a good idea

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  • PRO
    RJP Design and Decor
    Everything is possible and a lot has to do with design and clever cabinetry mechanisms. And obviously how much you want to invest! You mentioned your kitchen was on a narrow floor plan but do you have depth to the space? Do you have some measurements of the space you have to work with? It might be easier to visualize what you are trying to achieve...
  • oklouise

    we need a floor plan with measurements to make any suggestions

  • C P
    I think you need 3 planes to maximise benchspace if possible. U shapes not that efficient though as you have corners which are dodgy. My fave layout (which I now have in new kitchen) is back wall with oven/stove top and butler's behind, then island bench (which is completely clear of everything) and then side wall with window for sink.

    Mind you my kitchen is still being installed so maybe I'll hate it in reality (oh and I have lots of space).
  • oklouise

    my u shaped kitchen fits within a space 5m x 2.9m .. the space between fridge and cooktop is for using the mixer and food processor, space between cooktop and sink is for standing slow cooker, toaster and air fryer and the kettle stands at the other end of the sink with plenty of benchspace all around for preparation areas ..the two corner floor cabinets are 1050 square with 45cm doors and easily fit all the already mentioned large appliances as well as coffee machine, icecream makers, slow cooker etc within easy reach and the pantry is used for food storage and has no sink or counters