Outdated 1960s to luxury seaside family home – before & after

Wendy Bradford Interior Design
December 20, 2017
last modified: December 21, 2017

An architecturally designed 1960’s home at the entrance to Wellington Harbour. The home was completely renovated 20 years ago by the architect who pretty much demolished the original 1960’s brick house except for some exterior walls. It was completely rebuilt to double the size – 1 ½ storeys.

When I was called upon to undertake the renovation project, the house was looking tired and worn out. My brief was to design a new kitchen, new colour scheme, design and supply new built in joinery/shelving for bathroom and wardrobes, new lighting, soft furnishings, furniture and carpets.

From the front entry hallway to the bathrooms, bedrooms, study, living rooms and kitchen, my team and I undertook this large project which took almost a year to complete, due to having a Christmas summer break soon after commencement.

It was a collaborative process with the clients. I sourced products and consulted with them regarding the selections. Samples and images of products were presented for their sign off. Designs drawn up for their approval. I supervised and project managed my team of specialist trades people throughout the project with regular site meetings.

The main feature of the home is the wonderful sea views and the garden. My clients instructed me to retain the warmth and comfortable relaxed feel of the home. Make sure that the interior was in harmony with the outside environment. Modernise and improve its functionality.





Check out the entire project here!

Comments (12)

  • PRO
    Illuminide Interiors, Expect Excellence.

    Wow that view is insane!! Love the final kitchen fit out Wendy. Would've been good if there was enough in the budget to open the window cavity completely to the sliding door.

    Wendy Bradford Interior Design thanked Illuminide Interiors, Expect Excellence.
  • purplewombat

    The original had warmth and character. I find the makeover rather bland.

  • 94236633
    Love the kitchen, just gorgeous.
    Wendy Bradford Interior Design thanked 94236633
  • girlguides
    I think it’s a shame cork floors replaced as would have given such comfort and warmth to the new modern Grey decor
  • girlguides
    But like dining fireplace makeover so much more harmonised and relaxing
    Wendy Bradford Interior Design thanked girlguides
  • gwendolinmargaret

    I feel the curtains and couch were the dated and tired features,maybe it would look better with the view showing through the window,as it does lack warmth and personality at the moment.

    Wendy Bradford Interior Design thanked gwendolinmargaret
  • annb1997

    Beautiful kitchen transformation. The view of water is so much more a part of the house now. The living area is more sophisticated and elegant now too. Great job!

    Wendy Bradford Interior Design thanked annb1997
  • Jess Aces

    My initial thought was that I don't get 1960's vibes from the before shots. It seems newer. Nevertheless the renovation looks to be a great success, well done.

    Wendy Bradford Interior Design thanked Jess Aces
  • Paula
    I love the new floors and the lounge /sitting room . Looked more eighties to me , but any how . Kitchen needs some lightening up towards the wall oven corner pantry. It seems too much grey even though the colour itself is lovely. Perhaps above bench cupboards could have been a lighter contrast/colour as the solid grey wall is overwhelming.
    Wendy Bradford Interior Design thanked Paula
  • Maddie

    I would have loved to have seen the original 60s fitout (prior to the 1990s reno). It's a pity that people ripped out so many mod fittings!

    Love the new floors though.

    Wendy Bradford Interior Design thanked Maddie
  • PRO

    What a beautiful transformation!

    Wendy Bradford Interior Design thanked NSStudio
  • tpc6030
    Lovely colours ect. But my question is why is we read article after article on kitchen designs with advice from designers stating never to put a dishwasher in a corner as it is not practical. Articles always state that it should never block access to another cupboard and if possible access from both sides. First thing I noticed in the picture was the dishwasher. As an owner I would not be happy with this design by a professional. But this is just my opinion