Which bathroom layout should I go with?

2 years ago
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Our 'forever home' is being renovated and we want to ensure movement in the bathroom for the day when we are in a wheelchair or use a wheelly frame (about 15+ years we anticipate).

I have included a not to scale layout of two ideas and the corresponding scaled cut-out layout.

The shower will be a walk-in shower; the toilet space is the supposed space around a toilet you need on either side. Measurements are distances between the items.

Option 1 with the bath under the window, gives you the best space in the bathroom but requires the toilet roll to be placed behind you (hate that with a passion, especially as you age you cannot reach around to get it).

Option 2 might make the room seem cramped (BUT the toilet roll can go on the wall in front of you)

Any other ideas to consider? Please vote on which design to get us out of a dilemma. Thank you so much

Option 1.jpg
Option 2.jpg

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