Which white would work here?

Reb S
2 years ago
Hi everyone! I’m looking for some paint color advice. Our house is a 1950s queensland house with high ceilings and VJ walls.

We have been slowly painting and our chosen wall colour is Dulux Dieskau.

We have also painted our ceilings using just a flat white ceiling paint - they have all come up really nice.

But - we have come to paint our lounge and it is the only room with a picture rail so we thought we would try something different. Also this room doesn’t get as much light as other rooms.

We painted the picture rail and above using the ceiling paint but I think it looks cold and the VJ features are lost in the blandness.

Is there another ‘white’ that would work better here? Or would a semigloss improve the look? If we chose another warmer white would we have to paint the ceiling that same colour?

We are also thinking if we change to a warmer white we would have to carry this through to door frames, windows, skirting boards etc when we come to paint all the trims. Is this the case?

I don’t mind a more antique white given this is an older style home and to warm up the dieskau but the starker whites also look nice against the dieskau usually - just not in the picture rail!

Please help. Thanks!

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