TV and fireplace dilemma

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January 18, 2018
last modified: January 21, 2018

The brief from the client was to re-design the wall which originally housed the TV above the fire box, all in a dark 'chimney' breast. The existing arrangement made the room feel small and dark.

Changing the orientation of the wall from vertical to horizontal and keeping the colours consistent with the rest of the room helped achieve a greater sense of space.

A specialty paint finish was applied to the new fireplace surround to achieve a 'concrete' look. Custom joinery was designed to house the equipment and create surfaces for display of books and decor.

The TV was brought down to the correct eye level and the fire place taken off centre, to create balance. Finally, placing the feature chair and ottoman in front of the fireplace provided the owners with a cosy reading nook for the cooler months. (Pic above - Before) See more on my website


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  • annb1997

    Wow, what a fantastic transformation. It is so much brighter and functional now. Great job, schemes & spaces!

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  • PRO
    schemes & spaces

    Thanks so much, glad you like it

  • PRO
    Alliance Robes

    Fabulous transformation, what a difference. I love that you have moved the fire from underneath the TV this gives a greater feeling of space.

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  • genkii
    This is great. Much brighter and a bet it feels more spacious. I hate TVs above fireplaces. Way too high to be viewed comfortably.
  • jrherbert3
    fabulous, I bet your client loved this room, it would be such a pleasure to sit in that chair every day and dream....gorgeous
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  • girlguides
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  • Veronica Vallejos

    Amazing transformation!! Did you need to knock down the chimney?

  • PRO
    schemes & spaces

    Thanks Veronica. That wall is an exterior wall and the flue went out behind the firebox. The 'chimney' was just a gyprock addition which we pulled down.

  • Kerin M
    It looks fantastic! Your client must be thrilled. Can I ask what fireplace you used? We are trying to do something similar at our house? Many thanks.
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  • PRO
    schemes & spaces

    I didn't specify the fireplace - it was the one they owned, so I'm not sure of the brand but many gas fireboxes can be installed in the same way. Try Jetmaster - their Heat N Glow range has similar designs.

  • Khanh Nguyen

    Lovely transformation!

  • PRO

    Wow! Incredible before and after. Congratulations!

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  • PRO
    Wallcandy Art and Paint

    what a great wall...looks amazing and the wall/room appears so much larger..well done

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  • PRO
    Clipsal by Schneider Electric

    Such a transformation! Looks like a completely new room.

    The Clipsal Team

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  • Donna Ridge

    So much better and helpful as we have the same problem of TV above fireplace - didn't think it would work side by side but this is great