Caesarstone Rugged Concrete & Cloudburst Concrete

Bron Toomey
February 4, 2018
last modified: February 18, 2018

I am about to instal these bench tops in my kitchen renovation and am keen to hear of others experiences please.

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  • tlm

    Hi Bron, Thanks for the update. I have been wondering how your Cloudburst is going... seem to be lots of negative comments about the keeping clean of these finishes!

    I am still keen on Cloudburst, though I'm considering a blackish neolith (porcelain) bench for my back run of the kitchen, so again, two different bench tops. Will post pictures one day but we are several months behind now (builders went insolvent .. luckily before we really started so best time I guess. Have now found a new builder and getting ready to kick off).

  • wuff
    Tlm, if you love it, use it..everything needs cleaning and has pros and cons. If you love it, you will be happy cleaning it anyway
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    My cabinetmaker told me about Dekton, which he described as like the next generation Caesarstone (but not made by Caesarstone). I saw a Dekton display at a recent trade fair and was impressed by the product, versatility and range of colours. Much tougher than Caesarstone as it can also be used for external kitchens, flooring and external cladding. I currently have a client who is looking at the white (which is actually more of a warm off-white) for her kitchen. Looks like a great product with lots of potential - but seems to be impossible to get samples from the Melbourne supplier. Best of luck, Dr Retro of Dr Retro House Calls
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  • Bron Toomey
    Couldn’t agree more with wuff! It is no harder to clean than any other surface - it is absolutely beautiful and I don’t regret installing it for one minute. I’m not sure why anyone would whinge about it, they just have unrealistic expectations
  • bbaker50

    Hi Bron, You mentioned your flooring earlier, what type and colour is it? It looks lovely with your kitchen.

  • Bron Toomey
    Thanks very much ! It is an Embelton product called Resilience in the colour Glacier. It is a hibrid flooring and I purchase it from Carpet Court, with installation it was very close to $100/m2 - not cheap but certainly lovely and the tones really brought my kitchen together ⭐️
  • Bron Toomey
    Here are some details for you!
  • PRO
    Moss Furniture

    Hi Bron I love the look of your kitchen we recently installed a showroom desk in Cloudburst Concrete as well and we love it too. Hope you have many happy years in your Kitchen.

  • Caro H

    Hi Bron.. Your island looks great. Is it a 20mm width? I also fell in love with the Cloudburst. But am tossing up that, Organic White or Pure White....Decisions!!

  • Bron Toomey
    Mmmm decisions decisions lol! Yes mine is 20mm! Good luck with your decisions - I absolutely adore the feel of my bench, it is amazing
  • Lyn Jones

    What do you think of rugged concrete as an island bench 2850 mm waterfall 20mm white 2 pac cupboards under then on back bench same ( rugged concrete ) which is only 2700mm all white 2 pac cupboards underneath and above wanting to put this type of tile 300x600 southern cross infinity colour pepper

    your thoughts x

  • Bron Toomey
    Hi Lynn gee it’s hard to say without seeing the whole area. I went away from it because when the caesarstone rep sent the larger samples I used them as coasters and as part of my normal kitchen bench - the rugged concrete showed up every glass mark and food mark whereas the cloudburst was a little more forgiving.
    I really loved how Ronnie and Georgia used it in their kitchen on the block. I think it needs something to balance and soften it as it is quite harsh. It’s a lovely product but without the softness it looks very Android to me.
    I think you should envision how you want to feel in your space and then create it! Some questions I have before I could offer an opinion are: Will your dark splash back make your area feel enclosed? What colour white cupboards will you use and are they Matt or gloss? What flooring will you have?
  • Lyn Jones

    My cupboards are all polar white gloss 2pac and I'm going with wood floors

    on the back wall will be my over head cupboards under mount exhaust fan Gas glass hot plates and under bench oven on one end will be entrance into laundry and other end of bench will be entrance to butlers pantry like everyone else would like my space to be wow statement

  • Lyn Jones

    My problem is my splash back what to put with rugged concrete

  • Bron Toomey
    Hi Lyn what if you used the rugged concrete as your backsplash as well? You will have already paid for the piece of stone so why not use all of it? What colour floor and what style of lighting will you install?
  • Andrea

    Hi all

    We are going with rugged concrete for our new kitchen countertops and want to have a cpouple different colours for our cabinets. We want to use polytec black wenge matt for a wood textured look paired with a smooth grey colour. We can't decide which dulux or taubmans shade to go with. Originally we thought a lighter grey but now we are thinking darker. The floors will be Baltic pine with a lime wash to create a whitish colour. There will also be plenty of light in the kitchen with large windows. Any help would be appreciated!!! cheers Andrea

  • Emma Roy

    I have painted wooden cabinets in natural white and am thinking cloudburst could Crete as bench top and splash back as well as on the island. I have a European oak wood floor - does this sound like it will go?

  • Gabi
    Hi everyone,

    I am currently undergoing a kitchen and laundry renovation. I am in the process of choosing stones and I LOVE the cloud burst. The stone mason I am using has said some clients have experienced problems with the cloud burst because it fades quickly and because of the texture it stains easily. I’m tossing up between the cloud burst and Lithostone Carrara white and I don’t know which is more durable or looks nice. Any help would be appreciated :)
  • Lyn Jones

    Hi Gabi we went with rugged concrete with 2 pac polar white cupboards in our kitchen we love it but yes I'm aware of the things they say we don't children home and we also have a pantry with laminex for pre work

    cloudburst and the new Aidry concrete are beautiful they used both on the block Kerrie and Spence used Aiery concrete and Bianca and Carla used cloudburst we just thought they were a little light with white cupboards

  • Bron Toomey
    Hi Gabi I haven’t found my cloudburst to be any harder to keep clean than my other calacatta stone bench ..... jiffy is your best friend when you have an all light kitchen! I’ve started a baking business from home therefore my benches have a high work load and I had absolutely no troubles. I have to wipe my cupboards down to maintain a clean aesthetic so it doesn’t worry me at all that I have to jiff my bench tops -it’s a once a week thing when I clean the whole house so not onerous at all.
  • PRO
    Northcoast Kitchens

    Our stonemasons installed Cloudburst benchtops to a kitchen recently. The client loves them, but we discovered that the textured surface is not carried over onto the edges. His 40mm thick edges were polished smooth. This client wasn't bothered, but a mitred front edge would give a better result.

  • Courtney Feldt

    Help please! For those of you who have installed and lived in ("used") your kitchen with Caesarstone Rugged Concrete please tell me what you think. I currently have AB Honed granite and it shows every fingerprint. I really like the photos I have seen of the Rugged Concrete, but have not been able to see a slab in person. I like the honed finish, not polished. I am drawn to the Rugged Concrete because of the color and texture. My new kitchen will have cherry cabinets, all flat front drawers, vg fir floors and tons of windows. Thank you.

  • Angie Dattilo
    This is an old post but we are considering the cloudburst. We originally wanted the fresh concrete but it shows water marks and finger prints. We have tried to stain the cloudburst with kool-aid, spaghetti sauce, salsa, ketchup, mustard, grape jelly, olive oil, a permanent marker, and a highlighter. Everything was left on overnight and wiped right up. The thing that impressed me the most was that when we left water on the fresh concrete it left a mark that wouldn’t come out. But when we left water on the cloudburst overnight the water just pooled on top of it. It looked like we had just poured it on. No soaking in, no drying and no water mark. I am curious if people on this thread still like the cloudburst after instillation
  • tlm

    Hi. Mine has only just gone in! Love the look but can’t yet comment on performance. Though when deciding I left red wine on it overnight and had no problems wiping it off the next day.

    Meanwhile, waiting on rear bench top. First one broke on install! It’s black Dekton.

    Now need help with splashback. dont want tiles. Would have glass but don’t want it to be shiny. Any ideas??

  • tlm

    So we are nearly there (finally!). Very happy so far. Waiting in rear bench take two (first one broke during install.. it’s Dekton porcelain). So glad I went with my first though and stuck with black cabinetry.

    Need splashback ideas please. Don’t want tiles (no grout thanks). Needs to withstand heat of induction cooktop. Don’t want it to be shiny (can you get clear matte glass??)

  • PRO
    NC Design Ltd

    Hi tml ... Had you considered using Dekton for the splash-back too? I've done this on a job recently and it came up amazing...

  • seerden

    We are considering cloudburst too and we LOVED the small sample we received from Caesarstone. It was very light and clean looking with a little subtle movement. However, when I saw a full slab in one of the dealers wharehouses, it looked different to me. It looked very "silvery" and shiny in parts, which is not the look we're going for. Is this everyone else's experience? Those of you who have used the cloudburst, do you have the silvery/shiny look in the movement? Any other pics? I appreciate it!

  • Creativelychallenged

    NC Design and Tim both of the kitchens that you have posted look beautiful. Would you be able provide details on the timber look cupboards that were used on both projects and whether you think these colours would match with cloudburst benchtop. I am trying to think of colours to use on a 1500mm bathroom vanity, 1 x undermount sink, stone benchtop. The wall may be white and at the moment, the floors will either be a light grey or a grey/white terrazzo look tile. I am getting a cabinetmaker to do the vanity and so just didn't want to do it all white. My house is 1960's timber, very simple design - I was initially thinking of mid-century wall hung vanity, but can't seem to find the right timber look for the bathroom which is only 1.6 x 2.5m big.

  • tlm

    Hi creativelychallenged! Ours is Laminex elegant oak natural finish. Love it woth the cloudburst.

    My bathrooms are Timberline vanities in Polytek prime oak and I have a dark tile floor and all white walls. Looks great. (I think!).

  • Creativelychallenged

    Thanks Tim, this is very helpful info.

  • PRO
    NC Design Ltd
    Hi Creatiychallanged The timber in my image is American White Oak veneer stained with Mirotone Stone and finished to a 30% gloss level. The white cabinets are Dezignatek Ecru - Matte Vinyl.
    I’m not too sure what the equivalent options are where you’re from. These are common brands/materials used here in New Zealand.
  • Creativelychallenged

    Thanks for the details NC Design Ltd!

  • jenaryl

    Has anyone tried a white subway tile with cloudburst? On the fence, getting a matte or shiny? What other tile color would pair well with cloudburst. Perimeter white cabinets with little uppers. Island is walnut with clear coat. Thanks!

  • tlm

    Hi. Yes! I have cloudburst island on white cabinetry And a Dekton rear bench in a black colour over black Fenix cabinetry. Did splashback in a white subway with a handmade look. Love it!! They are matte and a Dirty white rather than super brilliant white.

  • tlm

    For general Add to this discussion, we have lived with the cloudburst now for a couple of weeks. At first I was very precious with it.. worried about marks etc. and cranky that it seemed to mark easily. I’ve relaxed a little and so glad I chose it as the pattern in it means things can blend in! In the right light you see thebkids sticky fingers etc but a quick wipe over (I use Norwex kitchen cloths) and it’s fine. Be mindful though, it feels and SOUNDS like a porcelain top so noisy as plates etc slide across it unlike “normal” caesarstone.

  • Lyn Jones

    I have rugged concrete benches white gloss cabinets and went for a grey splashback was also considering white but thought I had enough white with cupboards also thought about going with a marble look but using them in another pattern not subway look

  • PRO
    Ambition Kitchens and Joinery
    Updated picture of the laundry I posted above , I think the cloudburst looks great!
  • Lyn Jones

    looks lovely

    yes the cloudburst or Aiery are both beautiful colours

  • Ofir Sudai


    We are considering the Cloudburst with Ikea Ringhult (Glossy) white cabinet Doors for both the bench and the kitchen island. Our floors are also concrete but a bit of a darker color than the clourburst. Any recomendations on matching Cloudburst with white cabinets? I understand the cloudburst is honed, does that go with glossy cabinets?

    Thank you

  • Carina McCosh

    Hello everyone!
    I’m just wondering how your caeserstone benchtops have gone since instillation. Do they stain and chip? I’ve read so many reviews saying that they are terrible to keep clean-staining easily, showing marks, even water marks.
    I’m thinking of installing airy concrete in my kitchen but now I’m not so sure after reading so many bad reviews.
    I’d love to hear your thoughts.
    Thanks in advance

  • Lyn Jones

    Airy concrete is divine

    I have rugged concrete 6months in no issues yet I've relaxed a bit more don't have kids only when grandchildren come but no issues

  • Marwah Serag

    @emma gable - how do you think the cloudburst would look in a kitchen with white high gloss cabinets and light oak hardwood flooring?

  • Lyn Jones


  • tarynw

    Hi I love the Cloudburst Concrete and I am looking at installing it in our bathroom but I am very concerned about the reviews saying that it stains easily and very hard to keep clean - thoughts please? Thank you!

  • Adrienne

    I have similar questions/concerns about the Airy Concrete. I love it and was about to purchase it for our kitchen, but am now hesitating after reading reviews about staining/marks/difficulty cleaning. If anyone has updated experiences I’d really love to hear. Thank you!

  • Carina McCosh

    Hi Adrienne. Since I wrote my comment I have been to the caeserstone showroom in Melbourne and I questioned them about the staining. The lady was really good and explained the material and how is it very resistant to staining. Also she said that pretty much anything will stain any kind of stone bench top and even more so, if you let the stain sit and soak in. She gave me two sample pieces of the airy concrete and also a sample bottle of their stone bench cleaner. She said to spill something in one of the samples and test out the cleaner. To be honest I haven’t done that yet. But a friend of mine said they used it when they spilt red wine on white stone bench and concrete flooring and used the cleaner. He said that you wouldn’t even know that the wine was spilt, no stain at all.
    I’m still going with it. I just love it. Fell more in love with it when I saw the huge slab of it at the caeserstone showroom!!

  • tlm

    We are now five months down the track with Cloudburst. Love it. BUT it does stains with somethings and I’ve not been able to get it out, even with the Caesar stone cleaning products. The discoloration is minor. But I know it’s there. Worst culprit is capsicum! And Tumeric. Everything else including red wine is not a problem. It’s not a bad stain. Just a hint and to be honest i need to really hunt to find it but it is there albeit faintly. End result. Love the cloudburst and will live with this.

  • Adrienne

    Thank you Tim and Carina for the responses! I have a sample of the Airy Concrete here and am putting it to the test - so far red wine left on overnight came completely with just water and a sponge, as well as water rings. I also really love it and feel like at this point I'd be settling for anything else, so I'll test a few more things and if the stains aren't there or aren't too bad I may just go for it :) . We use turmeric quite a bit, too so I'll test that. Thank you again!

  • emilysynnott

    ho w did you go with this Adrienne? Red wine capsicum and tumeric are all regulars at our house! We had Fresh concrete lined up but reading the reviews seemed like the worst for stains!

  • Adrienne

    I decided to go for it - installation started today! I left turmeric mixed with oil on our sample for over a day, and it left the slightest stain, honestly I could hardly even find it when I hadn't looked at it in awhile. And everything else (red wine included) totally came up after 24+ hours. Fingers crossed we made the right decision, only time will tell!

  • absannamai

    We had the cloud burst concrete fitted in December 2018. It’s been fine for all spillages except tea and some oil cane out of a washed wooden chopping board which I just cannot get out. I’ve tried mr Muscle and cig and a scourer and a lot of elbow grease. If any has any tips on how to get it out then please let me know. I do love my worktops though and splash back.