Living room colour

Roar Interior Design
February 4, 2018

This room needs to be repainted to coordinate with the colour schemes in the rest of the house. The main living areas have been painted in a warm white - to me feels like a champagne colour. This room is a nourishing space - to read, play music, write - not the TV space. We want to put pops of colour in the art,decor and soft furnishing and keep the walls and sofas neutral. The ceilings are high (about 3m). Initially was thinking about making the walls to the picture rail a half strength warm white with above the picture rails the full strength of the warm white to subtly bring the ceiling down. I am now wondering if I should do the opposite? any thoughts?

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  • girlguides
    I would have thought the opposite a) those rooms are always painted that way plus deeper colour probably better at hiding marks
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  • amonymousanne
    Hi, If you wish to draw down the height of the ceiling then use darker shade above and lighter below. We have 16 foot ceilings and did this in our kitchen and breakfast rooms which are quite narrow . The other rooms have wide friezes at the rail level and are painted the same colour below and above .
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  • siriuskey

    We were advised by a painter that the best way to paint these houses, (ours was Federation), was whatever shade of colour you choose paint the lower wall and picture rail and then everything above white, looks brilliant

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