Freestanding or back to wall bath? Thoughts please

2 years ago
We have working drawings and it's time to go shopping! Our ensuite will include a bath- yay, have been bath less for a few years now so looking forward to long soaks. I have narrowed down to two 1700mm freestandings. One is 'back to wall' which I'm not sure about aesthetically but someone suggested it would be easier for cleaning and keeping splashed water from lying on the floor (where bath meets wall). There will be a small gap if freestanding. Has anyone got a back to wall freestanding bath or a freestanding that's close to the wall? I'd love to hear your thoughts (and/or pics) about having either (especially about cleaning behind the small space if freestanding).
PS: our bed will not be in that position it will be going under W5, for those of you who, like me, imagine the doors being that close to bedhead would drive you nuts

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