Freestanding or back to wall bath? Thoughts please

February 22, 2018
We have working drawings and it's time to go shopping! Our ensuite will include a bath- yay, have been bath less for a few years now so looking forward to long soaks. I have narrowed down to two 1700mm freestandings. One is 'back to wall' which I'm not sure about aesthetically but someone suggested it would be easier for cleaning and keeping splashed water from lying on the floor (where bath meets wall). There will be a small gap if freestanding. Has anyone got a back to wall freestanding bath or a freestanding that's close to the wall? I'd love to hear your thoughts (and/or pics) about having either (especially about cleaning behind the small space if freestanding).
PS: our bed will not be in that position it will be going under W5, for those of you who, like me, imagine the doors being that close to bedhead would drive you nuts

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  • me me
    I have visited someone who has a back to wall. It looks really nice, and I'm sure it will be easier to clean. Foer me personally, if I have achoicebetwwen looks and ease of cleaning, I would choose ease of cleaning.
  • siriuskey

    Back to wall for your layout with the Japanese style shower, freestanding could make for a lot of extra cleaning cheers

  • macyjean

    Even in my enclosed shower I sometimes wonder how did I splash over there or get a glob of shampoo over there. For me ease of cleaning would be a priority so awkward to reach spaces that can get splashed are a no.

  • PRO
    Cipriano Italian Home Design

    Back to wall! easier to clean, and you can rest your soap on the edge there

  • scottevie

    Back to wall, we have that type of layout and even with a 10cm+ gap behind our freestanding it is challenging to keep the area clean and dry.

  • myownstyle13

    Freestanding only if you can easily walk around it...

  • PRO
    Paul Di Stefano Design

    What's the window doing? If you do a window to the floor then a free stander will look awesome - cleaning factor? well, that ultimately depends on your opinion/priority/thoughts on that vs the aesthetic/look - that's the question you need to answer....& do you have a view out of your bathroom? If the window is a high level window then you could realistically go either way successfully....we seem to find freestanders are chosen more so than not, despite the cleaning behind factor..... my clients went for a freestander for this little bathroom and visually by just keeping it off the wall the tight space feels more open than it would have been with either a hob or back to wall. Just make sure you have enough room to get behind it to clean and all good :) PD

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  • PRO
    Decoro Custom Interiors
    When I design a space there are many factors I take into account for each decision - A free standing bath looks luxurious and I have designed bathrooms including them, which takes practicality (incl cleaning) strongly into consideration.

    However, with the limited information, I would advice a back to the wall given the layout and placement of the shower (given there appears to be no screen between shower and bath).

    All the best with you new build/ensuite.
  • mumoffour
    We’ve got a freestanding and it does look great. It’s got a space about a hand span between it and the wall. I confess that I don’t clean down there as often as I should but not because it’s too hard.
    If you go for back to wall (which we have in our main bathroom) go for large tiles or be prepared to scrub grout. We have tiny tiles on the horizontal around the bath (if that makes sense) and down the vertical side of the bath and I curse them every time I see them.
  • Sharyn
    My gosh THANK YOU EVERYONE for your feedback it’s been so helpful. I think as siriuskey pointed out with the open/ walk-in shower - back to wall will be more practical to mitigate water pooling behind the bath. I will work with what we have to get aesthetics on track - and definitely big tiles mumoffour! To Paul Di Stefano Design, the window, whilst relatively large is not to floor, I appreciate getting a visual of that bathroom as it does help to get spaces/look into perspective. Cheers everyone thus far I’ll keep you posted