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Structural defects (Qld) - Hollow / dummy sounding floor tiles

6 years ago

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone had any guidance on the meaning of "structural defects" for the purpose of the 6 years, 6 month building warranty provided in Queensland for new builds.

The Queensland Building and Construction Commission provides the following examples of structural defects: leaking roof, leaking shower, health and safety issue.

Our new build was completed a little over two years ago and I've noticed that some of the exterior tiles on the front porch / entry have started to sound hollow / dummy when tapped. Out of the ... 12 or so tiles on the porch, it's only two or three tiles which sound hollow / dummy.

I'm not sure whether this is something that I'm legally entitled to raise with the builder or whether it's something I simply need to get fixed myself. A quick "google" education indicates that dummy / hollow sounding tiles are the result of insufficient bonding being applied by the tiles, so it seems as though the builder / tiler is "at fault" and therefore, in my initial view, should be required to lift and re-lay the tiles.

Any advice or assistance would be appreciated - thanks in advance.

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  • 6 years ago

    a friendly call to the builder to let him know that everything else is great but there are a few tiles that need fixing (and any other faults) and ask when he thinks the tiler could come and fix them...hopefully he'll respond positively and the problem will be resolved but, immediately after the call send an email confirming what he said and when he said that the tiler would be coming and follow up within the stated time to ask if there's a problem and why can't they fix it to save the bother of getting involved with his insurance company (details should be included in your original contract) hopefully you'll be successful and the tiler will come in between other jobs and do the repair...in the meantime check every single tile (in case there are other hollow ones) and draw a map to identify every suspect tile so that you can check that they're all fixed and, do you have any spare tiles?...have them ready for the tiler or try and identify the tile in case you need to replace any that get broken...only other option is to contact the insurance company and tell them about the builder's response and if all else fails it should be a cheap small job for another tiler and/or you could have a go at fixing them yourself but ask the builder first if he values his reputation and his no claim bonus he'll respond positively

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