Top of rail shower above height of shower screen? Will it look odd?

2 years ago

We are renovating our bathroom and recently installed an adjustable rail shower. My partner is tall (but not that tall!) and he insisted we install the shower higher than standard. The top of the rail is just over 2 m, maybe 2.1 m.

Now we are looking at semi-frameless shower screens, and it seems like very few suppliers have screens taller than 2 m, or we have to get it custom made. Most standard ones are 1.9 or 1.95 m tall. Our ceiling height is 2.43 m.

Is it really bad to have the top of the shower rail "stick out" above the shower screen? The shower head of course wouldn't be placed at the top of the rail so it shouldn't stick out / splash water out - but will it look odd???

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