Family Photo's: Where Do You Display Yours?

Hi guys... so I'm interested... both as a photographer but also on a personal level, with wall art adorning the walls of so many homes these days, do you still display special family photos, newborn photos, wedding photos or historical family heirloom photos and if so, where do you see them? Are they on a front entry wall to greet you as you walk in, on a wall in your house, on a dresser in a bedroom or shelving in your kitchen? Or do you have an album on a coffee table? Or perhaps you have a lot of slip n photo albums that are kept in a cupboard and only seen occasionally for trips down memory lane? I'd love to hear what you all think about this :) Not a sales pitch - I'm genuinely interested as I'm contemplating a wall of photos that tell a story about our family... not just my hubby and kids, but our parents, siblings, grandparents and great grandparents.... that connection to family is very important to us and I'm thinking a wall of a collection of framed photos in a variety of sizes, frames, colours and b&w's and old sepia photos of my great grandfather's tree felling days would be incredible - but especially an image of him as an Aussie digger in World War 1, capturing the german tank, the Mephisto from behind enemy lines :) I want to leave a legacy for our children - so they know more about our family, our history, who they are and that they are special. I was also wanting to put a couple of black & white photos of my grandmother's on the walls of our kitchen as they are both incredible cooks and the meals those women have prepared over the years for our family have been such special times filled with so much love and happiness. So while I have an array of star trail photographs, seascapes and landscapes that I've taken over the years, and I've fallen in love with some beautiful abstract artwork for our home, I find myself struggling to make sure I don't clutter spaces visually either. Trying to find a balance is something I think I will struggle with! Love to hear what you all have to say :)

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