What type of aggregate pool surface is the best, Gemtex or Beadcrete?

May 17, 2018

Hi Houzzers,

we are about to change from an old pebblecrete pool surface to an aggregate glass beaded surface like either Gemtex or Beadcrete. Both offer lovely bluey pool colours, the small beads are mixed in with the cement and smeared on and they are soft underfoot. We can't afford tiling the whole pool.

I have seen all the beautiful images of pools done with both products. However, I have also read very poor reviews for both these surfaces i.e stains show up quickly (like within months), little glass beads come off the surface and are found in the skimmer box, black stains on the pool floor, reactions with chlorine that cause staining.....

Has anyone used either product in the last year on their pool? Any problems? Are there other products I should look at?

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