living room colour ideas

Wilson zhu
May 27, 2018
hello to all, I'm doing my house renovation, I would like to ask for any good ideas for painting a dark room? I love the dulux gary colour tone, any good colours can make the room brighter, also would like to do a future wall too. Thanks very much for helping me.

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  • annb1997

    Hi Wilson. Is the feature wall in the same room as the one you want to paint a brighter colour (grey tone)? Which room is it as this will help with suggestions.

  • Wilson zhu
    Yes, the feature wall it’s in the same room as my house it’s a duplex, so only have one side the sun can goes in. I’m thinking use dulux timeless grey for all the walls, and all the timbers use vivi white, then the rest feature wall to paint a darker colour than the timeless grey. What do you think? Haha
  • siriuskey

    Hi Wilson, sometimes when a room is dark it's best to use a dark wall colour for all walls cheers

  • annb1997

    Timeless Grey is a great colour; however not light enough if you want to make the room appear brighter and since it has limited natural light. What about this combination-

    For walls other than feature:

    For feature wall:

    Vivid White still good choice for trimwork.

  • annb1997

    Wilson, that's just my gut feeling about Timeless Grey, but I haven't painted with it so others may have different viewpoint.