Roman blinds - one blind or two separate blinds?

Kristen Dumitrescu
May 27, 2018

We are getting some roman blinds custom made for our bedroom and are having trouble deciding whether to get one blind that covers both windows, or two separate blinds (one for each window)?

Regardless of whether we get one or two blinds, the blinds will cover the architraves + window panes, i.e. they wont sit inside the architraves and just cover the window panes.

A photo is attached of the windows.

Any advice would be much appreciated!

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  • Jason Treanor
    Two blinds. There is a lot a detail in the rooms finishes so I think two blinds would work better.
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  • PRO
    Dr Retro House Calls

    Your paired windows are beautiful. I would go with two roman blinds that match the same proportion of each window but hang them well above the architrave so that the the architrave detail is not concealed when the they are fully drawn up. A single roman blind, while cheaper, will have a much more horizontal, contemporary proportion and be at odds with the style of the window and your room.

    Best of luck,

    Dr Retro

    of Dr Retro House Calls

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  • siriuskey

    Well I have to say that I would go with one blind set up at Picture Rail height, Keep it simple, this will make the windows look better (already beautiful) and instead of having to draw 2 side by side blinds up and down, trying to keep them level not to mention the 2 lots of cords cheers

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  • siriuskey

    A window seat would look lovely cheers

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  • annb1997

    Absolutely beautiful windows and detail work in what I imagine is a marvellous room. I'm not sure about one or two blinds. You may want to think about how you will use two, will you always have them at the same drop or can you see wanting to adjust them differently. Having one draw will be easier I suppose. Could also consider the fabric - striped, patterned or plain, as this may have some bearing on your decision. It's really a visual and personal decision. I can see both working well. Have you already selected a fabric?

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  • sally wastie

    Two will look better

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  • siriuskey

    Seems like the "2's" have it, are you going for a traditional style which would suit 2 blinds or contemporary which I think suits the single. Either way knowing my husband I would have them remote controlled to keep it simple. cheers

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  • legendaryflame
    I think two hung high would look nicer.
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  • celerygirl

    I vote for two.

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  • PRO
    Lewisham Interiors

    As the windows are framed individually I would also suggest two separate roman blinds. Set up to the height of the picture rail will accentuate the ceiling height and tie in with the architecture of the room. To have the blinds at this height will also allow you to see through 100% of the window area when the blinds are open.

    Where these blinds hang to will also be important to consider. I would suggest the base of the two romans be set to the top of the sill, as to set them lower will show the sill extensions on the left and right sides sticking out.

    All the best!

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  • KK1000
    I would hang them up high under the cornice so you can pull them up just above the window to get maximum light but there is still enough room above the window to show off folds and the fabric.
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  • PRO
    Classic Roller Shutters and blinds

    It would be a shame to cover these windows they have so much character. You could consider putting a roller shutter or awning

    on the outside of the window then you can still keep the beautiful look of the windows from the inside while maintaining your privacy at night.