Does anyone have advice on wood or wood look top for bathroom vanity?

June 16, 2018

I guess waterproofing is the big issue here? Wood warms up a bathroom in my opinion, but I am worried about its durability around water.

I am thinking dark floor tiles and white vanity with a semi-recessed basin so far

Comments (2)

  • how2girl

    It’s very popular & quite ok as long as you seal the wood with something like a Feast Watson marine grade timber polyurethane, especially the raw edges of the cutout for your semi recessed basin (will need silicone around here as well).

  • suancol

    wood look will save time spent refinishing in future. It was very trendy to have solid wood kitchen counters for a short time wear and water meant it was a short time. But 30 years later everything old is new again.