Help with bathroom overhaul please!

Gioenne Rapisarda
June 16, 2018

Hi Houzzers,

My first design dilemma in a long time and hoping you're all as creative and helpful as I remember!

My partner and I are looking at buying our first home, a beautiful unit. It's in an old red brick building but it's been completely renovated - everything except the bathroom and laundry of course!

This is the floor plan:

What I'm thinking is to close the laundry off where the door to the toilet is and make it it's own seperate section. I'd put the washing machine and dryer adjacent to the sink and put shelving and storage at the back and above.

I'd then remove the wall between the bath and toilet, and remove the bath altogether, making it a big L shape. Ideally we'd be able to put a walk-in shower where the shower currently is with glass running from that bed 2 wall towards the toilet.

What does everyone think of this? I'd love to hear any other arrangements you think would suit.

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  • legendaryflame
    Your idea sounds good Gioenne. Another thought, what if you made a Euro laundry the depth of the linen cupboard opening from the hall? Then you would have a larger square for your bathroom.
  • Gioenne Rapisarda
    That’s not a bad idea! I’d only be worried about losing storage space as there isn’t a whole lot elsewhere
  • oklouise

    what are the dimensions of the toilet and laundry, what are the floors and walls made out of as any major changes will be very expensive without appreciable improvement to an already good arrangement ... i'd be very reluctant to remove a separate toilet or bath from a 3 bed unit that could be needed by a family with small suggestions include relatively minor upgrades to enlarge the bathroom with wide shallow vanity inside bathroom (linen stored in the vanity and extra biw space) and, subject to condition. keep the existing bath and add a hand held shower, wide mirror doored medicine cabinet and big as possible walk in shower with new tiles and taps... remove the biw in bed 2 and rearrange entry to bed 3 to create back to back biw and add a new kitchen with central island and relocated stove...adding furniture helps understand the space better and extra storage can be found in freestanding furniture

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  • Gioenne Rapisarda

    Thanks for taking the time to do that @oklouise! Not sure of the dimensions as not detailed on floor plan and didn't get a chance to measure at inspection. Walls are brick and floor is tiled. I really don't want to keep the bath - appreciate that it's practical with small kids but I have friends who work around not having one and we don't use it ourselves. I really like the idea of changing the entry to bed 3 and making back to back BIR though! Kitchen change is great too but wouldn't be looking to reno that at all as it's fairly fresh and nice as is. Here are some other pics:

  • siriuskey

    It looks like a great solid old unit, my idea for the bathroom is for Japanese style where the shower uses the floor space beside the bath, you can have a glass screen and door across the end of both. The laundry is behind bi fold doors and can either open into the bathroom or Passageway.

    The new entrance is also the powder room, great for visitors and then accessing the bath/shower room from there.

    The kitchen is simple with a large Island and long narrow pantry along the long wall, great storage and easy to access cheers

  • siriuskey

    Looks like you already have the basis of a Japanese style bathroom which needs up dating, as mentioned a 3 bedroom Unit would have better value with both a bath and a shower. cheers

  • oklouise

    your alternate bathroom with the big shower and the old doorway between toilet and laundry should be able to squeeze in a shallow linen or storage cupboard (access from laundry and/or bathroom and built in all around

    based on the stated dimensions the bathroom appears smaller than in the photos (and/or the walls are thicker or the stated real estate photo measurements are wrong) so make sure you confirm accurate dimensions and consult a plumber before making any plans

  • me me
    I think that a 3 bed unit would be better with a separate toilet for resale.
  • PRO
    The Wild Heart Collective Australia
    I agree with me me... separate toilet would serve the whole family best. When my father in law is in his toilet... he’s gone for a good 45 mins!! Long time to have the rest of the bathroom ‘out of action’ for.
  • PRO
    Two's Company Renovations

    Hi Gioenne

    Oklouise and yourself are on the right track, in that the designs are working with the existing drain locations and as Oklouise said, get your plumber in to inspect the locations before you go too far.

    Your layout idea is simple and cost effective. The only caveat would be to check the existing basin drain goes down into the floor/back into the wall and not along under the bath.


  • siriuskey

    Your bathroom is already plumbed for the Japanese layout bathroom and retaining the entrance via the old laundry to what is now a vanity with separate toilet and accessing the bath/shower laundry from that space allows for a 3 way stye bathroom. You could still plan the laundry to be accessed from the passageway. cheers

  • PRO
    Two's Company Renovations

    Actually it's not... and you don't have drains for the laundry or basin in your design.

  • siriuskey

    Hi there Gioenne,

    As always you need to engage a plumber to sort the plumbing situation on site, is there a Unit below this one? As me me suggested it would be better to maintain a separate toilet especially in a 3 bedroom unit. Loved the photos, good luck going forward, let us know if you end up owning it. Cheers

  • girlguides
    Yes I like oklouise plan except put linen next to shower and exit loo thru laundry where can wash hands in laundry trough/basin
  • siriuskey

    Measurements drawn from Agents plans which will need to be checked, but a rough idea giving you the large shower/laundry room which doesn't have to be boring. Under bench washer/dryer or stacked washer & dryer, towels on both long walls of laundry & Powder. open linen shelves in both shower and WC. WC may have to be extended but I know that there are hinges available to overcome this possible issue. cheers