Trying to work out the ultimate bathroom renovation layout for our small family bathroom. We need a separate bath and shower plus (as big as possible) vanity - luckily we have a separate room for the toilet.

Our super large window that’s on the wall directly in front when you open the door - is LARGE. If it makes a difference, the floor to window sill height is 94cm and the window height is 125cm while the width is 130.3cm - we also have a bulkhead above the window which is 20cm high and the full length of that back wall. There is 18cm of wall space to the left of the window and 23.7cm to the right.

I’ve “drawn” our small rectangular bathroom below with dimensions - but Incase that’s hard to read our shorter sides are 172cm wide while our longer walls are 265cm long. Our door is 80cm wide, in the bottom left of our bathroom (pic below) and opens in a full “swing” to 70cm.

Wanting to tile ‘floor to ceiling’.

Thinking of using a freestanding RECTANGULAR bath (easier to clean).
Also wanting a wall hung vanity with draws.

All this in a small bathroom, with out being squished... please let me know your expert ideas & tips.

Thanks for your help!

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