Would an opening window in the bathroom help with echo?

June 30, 2018

Our main bathroom is a rectangular shape with the door opening onto the hallway and a fixed window at the other end. We find that the bathroom echoes a lot and although we have an extractor fan within the light system, it never seems to smell fresh. We were wondering if replacing the fixed window with a window that opened would help. It would be pretty expensive as it would have to be double glazed, but it would be worth it if it somehow lessened the echo and the odour. Thanks, Chris

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  • oklouise

    usually nothing better than fresh air but i wonder why there was a fixed window installed in the first place? is there a busy street or very close neighbours? and your climate suits different styles and different styles of window provide better ventilation.. and expensive is a relative term and much more depends on labour involved and unexpected damage to surrounds than the actual cost of the window....sometimes a new double glazed pane can be installed into an existing window frame but depends on what you already have ....we've replaced all the windows in our house with double glazing and would expect to pay around $1000 to replace a modest sized window (without any surprises) but take close up photos of the inside and outside of the windows and contact your local window manufacturer for advice about suitable windows and they may be able to recommend an experienced window installer to do the work

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  • PRO
    The Wild Heart Collective Australia
    While I’m no professional Chris, an opening window would be so good for many reasons... fresh air, reducing odours, aerating your bathroom to help eliminate or slow down mound growth etc... I’m thinking it should definitely help to set that echo free :)
    Is this an older house? What sort of floors do you have & do you have much in the way of bathroom fixtures etc? I find empty spaces are great for making echos... maybe filling yours up a little might help to absorb the sound a little better?
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  • oklouise

    have an electrician check and maybe replace the exhaust fan with an on line fan that directs moisture outside, consider extra insulation above the ceiling and add some extra towels hung up to help modify echo

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