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June 30, 2018
Hi guys im doing alot of planning and thinking. we need to do a bathroom reno. I want opinions on whether a seperate bath and shower adds more value than a shower/bath combo? and how much of a deal breaker it is for people?

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    Decoro Custom Interiors
    Hi GL, who are you doing the reno for? Yourself or looking to sell the property now or in short term? If for yourself, do what is best to suit your circumstances. If to sell, you need to consider your market and other bathrooms in the property. Generally elderly will want safer option of walk in shower, a young family will want a bath. Ideally a separate bath and separate shower, but that depends on the available space with possible option to forgo a bath. All the best, Louise - Decoro Custom Interiors
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    Dr Retro House Calls

    A separate bath and separate shower are the best value for everyday use and for resale. The shower/bath combination is historically a hangover from Britain, where most people used to have a bath, instead of a shower. Most Australians prefer a shower to a bath, and a shower over a bath is always a compromise.

    Having access to a bath is important for a family with young kids, but you don't need a huge, long bath for children, so a 1500mm long bath is ample for kids, but a little cosy for a tall adult.

    As far as resale goes nobody ever did not buy a house as it had a separate shower to the bath, but a shower/bath combination can be enough to turn a buyer off.

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