How to make a navy blue bedroom more feminine

July 8, 2018

My daughter is set on a navy blue bedspread/curtains for her bedroom, but I'm trying to help make it look more feminine. She loves the whole navy blue & white stripes look, but again, very masculine! I need ideas, pictures, and help with using navy blue in a girl's bedroom to help it look a little more girly. It doesn't have to scream girl, but I don't want it to look like a boy's room either. I'm thinking of maybe going with a plain navy comforter and introducing colors/patterns in the pillows, curtains, etc. to make it more girly, but I'm open to all ideas!

Other info: Daughter is 9 years old and loves horses. She doesn't like pink. She has all white furniture--bed, dresser, shelving unit. Walls are a very light gray (white wisp) with white trim.

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  • pennydesign

    I wish I knew where you lived...your daughter would be welcome to my daughters horse stuff....

    I love navy and I think it goes with so much...Navy and lime green is a favorite combo...as is navy and coral...navy and turquoise...

    Is there anything that doesn't go with navy??

  • weety

    Haha, pennydesign. I'm in Southern California. Has your daughter outgrown her horse phase? I keep wondering if that will happen with mine since we don't exactly live in a very "horse-friendly" area, but she has been loving whatever she can get since she was about 5. She doesn't compete and doesn't really even get to ride that often, but has taken a few lessons and "hangs out" at the stables with a friend whenever she can.

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    Wm. H. Fry Construction Company

    How about a glass chandelier?

    Bedroom Built-in · More Info

  • suezbell

    Unless your daughter specifically wants a horse or nautical or … whatever … room wide "theme", please don't go that direction -- she'll grow very tired of it very quickly. Instead, just stay with basic colors: perhaps two shades of blue with white and a few colors that are bright. That doesn't mean your daughter shouldn't choose a specific item that expresses her interest(s).

  • everdebz

    Texture or fabric associated with girls - in navy or the accent color[s] - so that's feathery, furry, ruffle, lacy... eyelet…touch of velvet...

  • everdebz

    From houzz: "Navy is an elegant and serious color, and it evokes serious things like tradition, solidity and strength. It is definitely a masculine color. But it doesn't have to be somber. [Pair it with crisp white[(https://www.houzz.com/magazine/classic-color-duo-blue-and-white-stsetivw-vs~2343946) and you get a brisk maritime feel — think yachting. Put it with bright colors: lime green, bright pink and sunny yellow, and you get something modern and vivacious."

  • mdln

    "How can I add bits of femininity into a navy blue bedroom with some color/pattern?" Add female daughter.

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    Why does anyone need to love her bedroom, be happy with her bedroom...........other than the nine year old young lady who shall inhabit that room?

    As to gender? The near Catholic girls school has for DECADES had a uniform of navy skirts and white polo shirts and navy cardigan. : )

    I bet it is rare for any of them to request that combo in their rooms. Already sick to death of it, most of them I am certain.

    Relax, and let her select the entire thing. It's just paint and bedding and pictures and the junk that will ultimately accumulate, as all pre teen rooms do.. It's Not a hole in your home exposed to the elements, or your friends.

    I'm sure Kate Spade would have approved her selection. Navy, black who cares ?

    Navy and white is not much different than black and white. A glance to the future for you lol


  • Bette P
    Overstock has an Eddie Bauer navy and white Buffalo check comforter, less lint showing than a solid navy comforter. White drapes with some texture or add a white cotton ball fringe. You just need a bit of detail.

  • artistsharonva

    Find a horse painting with daughter & use it as inspiration to choose other colors in room. She may like other shades of blue.

  • artistsharonva

    Here's a couple of navy white stripes

  • Sheeisback GW

    Only have a min. right now but I wanted to note that when I hear the combination of white and navy I don't think masculine but, preppy, classic, even costal.

  • havingfun

    just think of the dark blue as blue jeans. which you can add some of course like the coverlet can be jeans fabric. surely that is number one with horses. If you re creative, you can make this

    Hats off! · More Info
    instructions are on line. instead of doing derbys do a cowboy hat or whatevre is her head gear for riding.

    also there 100s of thing you can make pillows bed covers etc out of on spoonflower. this is just one it will let you click through to spoonflower

    Delft Stripes fabric - ragan - Spoonflower · More Info

    some other ways to go:

    Palm Leaf Pillow | Joss & Main · More Info

    Blue Floral Pillows | Joss & Main · More Info

  • DK Haas

    Aside from horse pic wall art.... a hat installation collection, perhaps?

    Horses + childlike whimsy = Derby Day party

    Fun, colorful, & expressive hats adorn walls over a dresser, bed or border the ceiling. Think- Vintage, Cowboy, equestrian, and Victorian riding top hats.- The sky is the limit! A creative project when it's hot to play outside (So Calif) -Fun-day- project revamp sun hats with bows, flowers, etc. (Added bonus: all could work double duty in future Halloween costumes)

    *Make antique/vintage shopping fun for her- She hunts for fun hats

    Add different riding hats

    Edwardian/Victorian could be made from a simple top hat-add ribbon, tulle netting, and/or feather, vintage pin

  • Derisha R

    I would try an area rug with neutral colors and a pop of purple, or yellow. A chandelier, soft textured pillows, and or an elegant mirror would add that feminine touch.

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    The Cook's Kitchen

    Please take this as I mean it. As an advocate for your daughter being who she wants to be.

    Having had a grandmother who attempted to strongarm this tomboy into her version of femininity, I’d suggest asking your daughter if she thinks it needs to be softened up. Not girlied up.

    Words do matter about how you approach this, I promise.

    I felt even more awkward, ungainly, and self conscious, when it was brought to my attention that I was not conventionally girly in a lot of ways, decor included. I have many adult friends who felt very outside the conventional mold as kids. It’s the rare parent who doesn’t try to push their kids into being more confirming, out of the best of intentions.

    If she wants it more stark and severe, then let her have it. Her developing tastes will drift all over the map. She may come back to wanting a thousand lace pillows and a frilly canopy bed. Or, she may never want that. Either is OK.

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  • pennydesign

    Having been the recipient of "advice" that hurt, I will quote weety here:

    "How can I add bits of femininity into a navy blue bedroom with some color/pattern? Please refrain from parenting advice, gender advice, or anything else that does not answer that question."

    I understand (and have been told in no uncertain terms to expect) "opinions" of all kind here. However, I have faith that perhaps some folks simply missed weety's request...

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  • acm

    @penny -- would love to hear how you can suggest ways to "add a bit of femininity" without "gender advice"... ?!?!?!?!?

    anyway, agree with many that blue and white with patterns are easy, even stripes can be neutral and age well. a couple of ruffled throw pillows, a fluffy rug, and/or a "girly" assortment of lighting options will all bring in some of what you're looking for without becoming something she hates at age 15.

    Minka Lavery 4847-276 Flush Mounts 4Lt Flush Mount, Florentine Silver · More Info

    Three Light Athenian Obol Frosted Glass Drum Shade Flush Mount · More Info

    Quoizel Ribbons Flush Mount · More Info
    hope this helps, and that your daughter enjoys her new room!

    (my little conservative rejected all sugestions of an update at 10!! crazy)

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  • acm

    just saw this!

    25.75" Tiered Crystal and Chrome Table Lamp, Navy · More Info

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  • bossyvossy

    While I’m from the school of “my house, my decor”, I think it’s pretty cool a 9 YO is already so clear about her preferences. As long as she’s not acting entitled or like she has the last word on this matter, i’d work with her. You have gotten excellent suggestions about decorating w/blue. Personally, I’d resist urge to be ”themey” or assign gender to any color. The less of a theme, the easier and cheaper to refresh/redecorate as she grows up.

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    Lars/J. Robert Scott

    How about a white lace dust ruffle for her bed. I would have liked that when I was a child, but then I also wanted a pink chiffon canopy bed that I never got. If she does not like pink, then maybe she would like a white organza canopy for her bed. You could also have lace trim on the lamp shades.

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  • artistsharonva

    Neutral colors with pops of blue & horse pictures & shelving for her horse collection.

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    Wm. H. Fry Construction Company

    Another idea - use Houzz's powerful search tools!

    Here are bedrooms with keywords girl and blue:


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  • pennydesign

    I don't know how you could choose with all of these glorious rooms.

    My daughter always had a very special bond with her horse...and he was crazy for her (he hated me...the one who literally saved him from death--no gratitude, lol).

    This is a fun project for you both to share. I miss those days :)

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  • richfield95

    It sounds like you might be concerned her wanting navy and white stripes is a phase. If that’s the case, maybe buy neutral (white) bedding and drapes then paint the wall(s) a blue she likes with some colorful pillows. That way if she decides she doesnt like navy in 6 months, all you have to do is buy a gallon of paint.

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  • havingfun

    I have not truly understood this whole conversation. I guess because even now i have large blue eyes, I grew up with blue, I have always loved it and i have always thought of it as a girl or at least a people color. I have never once had problems finding florals and other things considered feminine in blue. Maybe everyone just needs to look at the world through blue loving eyes?

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  • weety

    Thank you for all the wonderful ideas and pictures! I have so many different options, and you've even provided me with links and given me ideas of how to search for more! I know there will be horses all over the room (because she has like 100 horse figurines) and a few horse pictures and a horse lamp, but I definitely don't want that to be the only or main theme of the room. She knows what she wants--navy blue-- and now I have many,many ideas of how to add color and patterns. I had a hard time envisioning a navy blue room styled for a girl---you all have helped tremendously with that! Thank you all for the shopping links that take me directly to some of the items. Those are very helpful! :)

  • artistsharonva

    That's sweet to support your daughter's love of horses. Children are precious. Supporting their likes builds self esteem.

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  • lascatx

    I've scrolled past much of this long thread, so I may have missed something, but so much of what has been suggested here is too adult for a 9 yr old girl, IMO. If I wanted to add femininity to a navy and white room, I would look to textures and accent color. Let her pick the accent -- a little lemon yellow, bright or pale pink, coral/peach, lime or mint green -- or none. Any will be good.

    For textures, think ruffles (pillows, curtains, bedskirt), fur (sheepskin rug or pillows), feathers (white or bright feather boas?), sparkle (metallics, mirrors, glass or crystal). Whimsy tends to lean feminine. I've always loved navy and white, and while it can be nautical, I don't consider it any more masculine than white and any other color other than something in the pink or peach range, and even those can be done handsomely (probably adding some grey or naturals -- again texture is important). I really think textures and whimsy are key. It's her room, but I'd lean towards equestrian items in accessories or things she really loves.

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  • DK Haas

    This room is from a blue-themed model home. Although it is light blue, it gives you ideas. The wide horizontal striped wall helps to widen the room visually. It's akin to the fashion rule: horizontal stripes make you look fat. You mentioned her walls were gray... add a white stripe to one wall -maybe?

    see entire house here: https://tours.stevenjamescollins.com/public/vtour/display/209715

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  • Lois Huneycutt

    My daughter in law (who is quite conventionally “girly”) chose navy and white for her wedding colors last year, with accents of sunflowers and sunflower yellow. It was elegant and not at all stark/severe/masculine. Does your daughter want the room to look more girly? She is approaching “tweenhood” and forcing a look she doesn’t want on her good backfire. You could up the elegance factor with metallic gold accents. It could be really lovely. And elegance really is genderless.

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  • weety

    Lascatx mentioned that he/she felt the ideas were too grown up for a 9 year old. I guess I must tell you all that my 9 year old is not like your ordinary 9 year old kids--she is irritated by childish things and her hobbies and tastes have always gravitated toward a more mature sense. So, I think the ideas are within reason for her. :)

    I am mostly looking to update with a new bed quilt/comforter and curtains and will probably uses her horses and things she already has as the decorations, since they will be there anyway--lol. I just want it to look more pulled together and thought through than just a navy blue comforter and navy blue/white striped curtains. I like a lot of the color combos you've all found and will look for some pillows/throws to help break up the navy and white to add color and femininity to the room.

  • mdln

    Hope you are showing your "9 year old irritated by childish things" whose "hobbies and tastes have always gravitated toward a more mature sense" this entire thread so SHE can choose "some pillows/throws to help break up the navy and white to add color and femininity to the room."

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  • pennydesign

    I have a cross stitch I made for my daughter when she was into it...it would make a lovely pillow (framed now) PM me if you want it. If not, that's fine.

    You might want to use the search term "Indigo blue"...it's a bit more like a blue jeans navy.

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  • DK Haas

    My goodness people! GIVE IT A REST

    Take your snide remarks and unwarranted advice with you.

    This mom is giving her daughter a revamped room. She does not have to do it. The kid could have the same room she's been living in- end of story. Yet, that is still not enough for some of you.

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  • havingfun

    again, i walk in and feel lost. anyway, mom, I know this is the last place most think of, but, I went to amazon. Reasons:

    most of their pillows are 18"

    Most are linen and cotton mix, not that slick fake fabric

    they have many that are not only under 20 but under 10 as most of these are.

    I came up with over a dzn pillows under 10 for most, ones with cute sayings, oil paintings, just really cool in my opinion. good place for the 2 of you to go look. i put in horse throw pillows. here is an example that should take you there

    Amazon.com: Longshengv Decorative Throw Pillow Covers Running Horse Couch Pillow · More Info

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  • eastautumn

    Sounds like a fun project, and I enjoyed many of the navy blue inspiration pictures from other posters.

    I always cared about my room as a kid, but could only do so much decor-wise with a very practical/frugal mom and many fixed elements that had to be worked around.

    Would love to see before and after pictures!

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    Lion Windows and Doors

    Sounds like a fun project! Consider adding a high contrast secon

    dary color-- like a pink. Pink and navy is beautiful. There is a designer in NY, Elissa Grayer who does a lot of rooms with this scheme and they look awesome.

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    Designer Drains

    Oranges, yellows and light shades of pink are a perfect contrast for the blue.

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  • mdln

    When commenting I avoid responding to posts of others (e.g. pointing out to "pro" designer who recommended pink, that OP said child does not like pink) and try to focus on OP's question.

    However, this post is not for OP (who said she did not want parenting advice), but some others.

  • weety

    DkHaas--I REALLY like those blue ombre curtains! Much softer but same idea as the bold navy/white stripe.

    And of course, mdln, I am not going to go out and buy what I want without consulting her! I probably won't show her this whole thread, mostly because I can't buy/replicate every thing that is on it, but I will DEFINITELY show her some of the ideas/color combos that have been presented! She has already seen some of the ideas--some of which she said, "NO WAY" to and some she was more into. She's pretty head strong--she knows what she likes and dislikes. lol We are both putting this room together, but I am the one paying for it, and with that comes "some say" within reason. :)

    HavingFun, you are right--I would not have thought to look on Amazon unless I knew something specific I wanted. I am glad to hear you say that the quality is not bad--that is something I would have been worried about.

  • weety

    pennydesign, you've got my curiosity about the pillow idea, but I don't know how to PM on this site...

  • weety

    Here's an example of how her mind works differently than other 9 year olds...

    She went to a painting party with classmates and they got to paint their initial. Most of the girls used multiple bright colors, polka dots, etc. This is what she did:

  • DK Haas

    Since she used yellow & white for her initial.... Navy & white with spots of YELLOW? How long ago did she create her initial art?

    Easy DIY Pom Pom pillow

    pom Pom throw blanket? https://www.potterybarnkids.com/products/organic-pom-pom-throw/

    White Faux fur throw blanket?


    -Kate Spade New York Charlotte Street -CLEARANCE SALE at BBB


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