Landscaping and pool area - need help/advice

Sarah Harvey
2 years ago

We have recently renovating and extended our house and struggling to decide what to do with the pool area. Our alfresco backs onto the pool so we plan to do a lot of entertaining, however can't decide how to soften this area and bring it to life.

Q1. We have been thinking of putting red/fuchsia dwarf bougainvilleas against the fence to add some colour (left hand side). Any suggestions on other plants that would bring colour to this area?

Q2. We are also unsure how or with what we should house the pool pump and we will also need a pool shed to store equipment. And would need to add some other landscaping along the back fence as well.

We are open to any advice/suggestions on how we can make this space, however do like low maintenance plants and no palms. I have attached some photos of the fence line we are seeking advice for and the alfresco directly opposite it.

Many thanks!

Q 1. Left side bougainvilleas and Q2. right side pool shed and other landscaping ideas

Alfresco opposite

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