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Melissa Mifsud
last year
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Our build is about to kick off and we are still uncertain on the facade colours and materials. Whilst we like rendered brick most, our house covenant requires that we use mixed materials for interest.

This is the design of the house. It is a curved corner block so we decided to build the house into the corner and use the whole corner frontage for our garden and outdoor area. This means there will be fencing around most of what is in the picture - starting from the alfresco and all around (towards the right). That's also another big dilemma - especially when it comes to tying it into the whole colour scheme.

In our original concept:

  1. Use matrix-style cladding on the garage and the horizontal above portico, alfresco and dining.
  2. Use Cemintel Steppe cladding (3 colours to choose from) on the section above the portico (aka vestibule)
  3. Render everywhere else.

We live in Brisbane and would prefer using light colours (possibly white/ish or maybe something like Surfmist?) for most of the house. We are conscious of keeping the house as cool as possible. We like the current black/white/grey trend - we've always been monochromatic people, so it's a good (or bad :)) coincidence.

I think the fact that our concept included Steppe has perhaps restricted our ability to look at the facade clearly. The problem with Steppe is how the matrix-style cladding is going to look going across it and what colour to go with if we did.

So we need to decide colours for (we can mix up where the cladding should be):

  1. Render colour (one or different in sections)
  2. Horizontal section above ground level.
  3. Vestibule
  4. Window hoods (rendered EPS)
  5. Garage colour
  6. Garage door colour
  7. Gutter and fascia
  8. Colorbond roof (shows from the side, image below).
  9. Window and door alluminium frames.
  10. Fence (maybe that should be a whole other post!)

Any advice would be appreciated - this continues to be a huge headache!

Side perspective where Colorbond roof can be seen:

Colour scheme / style we like from here:

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