Which exterior colours?

Ankit Arora
2 years ago
last modified: last year

Hi All,

I am building a new single-storey house and have chosen the exterior colour below. So need some help and ideas if these colour would all tie in and they are not too dark.

Roof: Colourbond Monument

Gutters: Monument

Fascia: Dune

Garage Door: Slime line - Classic Cedar

Entry Door - Stained Wood

Render: Cookie Jar

Cladding: Dunne

Window: Dunne Matt

Front two pillar (Current shown as bricks on the pic): Will be using Capri Premium Wall Cladding stone (https://artisanstone.com.au/products/wall-cladding-and-stacked-stones/premium-wall-cladding/capri)

Wooden Merbau Beam in between two pillar

Attached is the pic of the facade

Really need some help and suggestions on this.

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