Which exterior colours?

Ankit Arora
July 31, 2018
last modified: October 25, 2018

Hi All,

I am building a new single-storey house and have chosen the exterior colour below. So need some help and ideas if these colour would all tie in and they are not too dark.

Roof: Colourbond Monument

Gutters: Monument

Fascia: Dune

Garage Door: Slime line - Classic Cedar

Entry Door - Stained Wood

Render: Cookie Jar

Cladding: Dunne

Window: Dunne Matt

Front two pillar (Current shown as bricks on the pic): Will be using Capri Premium Wall Cladding stone (https://artisanstone.com.au/products/wall-cladding-and-stacked-stones/premium-wall-cladding/capri)

Wooden Merbau Beam in between two pillar

Attached is the pic of the facade

Really need some help and suggestions on this.

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  • lynnarmington

    The colour of your roof is important regarding energy efficiency. A dark colour such as Monument, although currently popular, is likely to be much less so in the near future as its Solar Absorptance is high (0.73). In the general range of roofing such as Colorbond you can get much better colours, such as Surfmist or Classic Cream which are SA 0.32. (You can get even better than this but it would cost more as lower than SA 0.32 are currently considered specialist items.) You can usually find the SA rating on the brochures. The same argument goes for colours of large expanses of paving such as the driveway, with lighter colours being a better choice if you live somewhere where summers are hot. Of course if you live somewhere cold, darker colours would be a better choice but for most (if not all) of Australia, lighter colours make much more sense (and good cents).

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  • MS MS

    I agree with lynnarmington about dark roofs. It will increase your cooling bills in summer.

    About the proper colour combination, I suggest you meet a colour consultant or an interior designer. It will cost you a couple of hours of their time (Around $400), but they will know exactly what wall colours will go with what brick / roof / fascia. They do this day in and day out. In the overall context of the cost of the house, this cost is negligible, but it will probably be worth it.

  • Kath Berg

    Absolutely agree with the comments on having a lighter roof and lighter paving. To me, and it all depends on what you like, the garage door stands out too much. I'd choose something that isn't such a contrast with your cladding. Then introduce a bit of individuality by having the front door painted in a strong colour that you love.

  • jerpie293
    I find the darker colours to be more attractive (to me) but I'm steering clear in our house due to the practical reasons already commented.
    Also you may find that the darker colours with a steel roof actually fade quite a bit over time.

    What website did you use to produce the picture that you posted?
  • chartuck

    Love your selections. I've also read the comments regarding your choice of Monument, which is the colour we have on our roof - I HATE light roof colours so Monument was our #1 choice and we are soooo pleased with it. As far as efficiency goes, we live in Tasmania and its perfect for our climate but in the longrun, it all depends on what YOU like. Good luck, it looks fab just the way you have it now

  • pottsy99

    That colour scheme doesn't quite stack up to my eyes . The driveway paving is almost a blue hue , the roof an obvious charcoal , the walls a mix of beige and a 'nothing' sort of brick , and then a nice wooden garage door -- just seems disjointed with no common theme .

    Personally , I'd change the beige walls to a blue/grey render or paint , EXCEPT the very left wall -- I'd go for stained horizontal wooden boards in the same tone as your garage door -- so the very left and the larger righthand ( garage door ) match . And then , those 'nothing' brick columns -- the top half I would encase in the same wooden 'planks' , whilst the bottom half I would do in a natural stone ( here in New Zealand we have schist -- not sure if you have that , but any brown shade natural stone would suit ) .

    Just my totally unprofessional opinion , but it adds a lot more of a theme and matching complimentary colours IMO .

  • pottsy99

    In fact , after a closer look at the photo -- there are fence pillars to the right and left of the house in a lighter steel blue -- that would be the approximate colour I would use for the walls ( apart from the more natural brown tones .

    The off-white blocks across the front of the section look more pleasant to my eyes , compared to those two brick columns , and would have been a better colour choice , again just in my opinion .

  • marie cottier

    Get a dulux colour consultant. Worth every penny of reasonable fee.

  • PRO
    Planted Passion
    For your render colour, I have just had my personal home rendered and just an FYI that render colour is generally darker than the paint. We ended up going with Miller Mood which is quite light but looks darker on Acrylic Render.
    Good luck with the project!
  • planetjen9

    Does the beam between the pillars tie in with the garage door? It seems to me that you have made some really tasteful choices. I think it will look really lovely. Congratulations.

  • Jennifer Bradley

    I agree that lighter colours work better in our climate (besides on a purely personal level, I really dislike monument, but you might love it). My comment would really be that the garage door stands out too much and adds another layer of colour. I'd have it as close to wall colour as possible. You already have several colours on the front and the door grates - blending the garage in more to my taste.

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    My Style Interiors Brisbane

    If you are located in Brisbane or the Sunshine Coast I am an interior designer who can assist you with an on site consultation for your colour selections for your home. Send me a message if you are interested in discussing your options further. Thankyou, My Style Interiors - Raquel

  • PRO

    jerpie293, this image was created in the rendivo system, it can be used on various sites including Austral Bricks free of charge :)

  • belindatett

    I went for a lighter grey roof but a similar theme to your picture and was happy with it. I selected woodwork windows at the front of the house to balance it out and then aluminium in surfmist elsewhere to save on cost and maintenance.

    roof: tiles, gunmental (if colourbond would have been woodland grey)

    gutter: woodland grey

    facia: evening haze

    render (painted): evening haze

    garage: gliderol classic cedar

  • Joy Tourle

    We chose Monument Tiles and Guttering with "Surfmist" Fascias and Eaves (varying strength of paint). The Pillars at front were rendered and also "Surfmist" (1/2 strength). The Garage door also Monument - focus is drawn to Pillars and Timber Beam (our home very similar to yours). If you visit the Builders showroom they can usually make these changes on computer so you can see visual of how home would look with colour choices! We have Surfmist aluminium window frames and at front of house White Plantation Shutters. Admittedly we have charcoal colored Bricks but house looks Crisp and Clean it "Pops" as they say.

    We installed 20 Solar Panels ( no Battery) and Electricity is going into Grid! Dearest bill was $14 and one bill we received $1.92 CREDIT). The panels are on the side of house and cannot be seen from street. Well worth the outlay! I have heated floors in bathrooms and ducted air conditioning and so far we haven't lost power when they were working in street and had cut power to houses!!

  • vicki Lavender

    Some Paint Companies have their own Colour Consultants going out to homes, It used to be free, not sure about now, also,, you can take along your photos, first, phone the company you favor and ask about their experienced Colour Consultant.

    You can suggest you will do a before and after look, they may be very interested.

    Take along with you,, colour matching paint cards, of the driveway, gutter/fascia, eaves, window frames, downpipes, garage & front doors ,and a small brick and roof tile sample, any painted walls & exterior floor tiling/timber if any..

    They may suggest an accent colour from plants, pots & doors..

    Try some ideas from "Photos of House Exterior Colours " from the internet.

  • vicki Lavender

    Can't seem to put the Photo on this site.

    These lighter colours brightened up the house, made the house larger and bought it forward.

    Roof : Keeping Dark Grey as is,

    Walls Different finishes: All Pale Neutral Beige/Grey colour

    Front Door and Garage Door : White.

    Window & Door frames : White or if they are as the photo keep that colour.

    Front Pillars : Rendered White.

    Patio Floor colour : Medium to dark Neutral (Beige/Grey/Lavender) colour .

    Gutter : Pale Neutral Beige/Grey same colour as the walls.

    Fascia : White.

    Plant Colours : Dark Grey/Green to dull purple colouring..

    Patio Chair Covers : Grey with Dark neutral Lavender colourings.... Using colours that don't show the dirt. ....Chair Frames in Dark grey.

    If you want flowers keep to white or dusty shade colours...... Clean colours will clash with the over all look. .

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    Urban Tech

    Make sure you download the MY BUILD App - the best way to keep all your building documents, inspiration, budgets, notes and dates in order. www.mybuildapp.com.au

  • j_plaice
    We just finished our new build. One storey at road level and 2 storey at the back. We used surfmist on the roof and eaves. Shale gray on the cladding and basalt on the render. All colour bond range. Surfmist on garage Looks fantastic and getting lots of positive comments
  • Fiona Fabbi
    Really like your colours other than the garage door I would look at something darker.. out of interest is it a MJ home? If so which facade?
  • PRO

    Hi HU-152204818, this home is the Monte Carlo Cascade by McDonald Jones Homes, it is just one of over 100 homes in the system ready to play with :)

  • PRO
    My Style Interiors Brisbane

    I recommend Abbott Builders in Brisbane!

  • zibber
    Walls - White Brick. Never goes old and matches everything else you throw around it.

    Keep the Roof as is and perhaps have to window joinery the same color as the roof and trim.
    2 cents.