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Help! which wood heater?? Aus vs Chinese made

3 years ago
Trying to decide which wood heater to buy. We’re going inbuilt model.

Have narrowed it down to these two....

Kemlan C900
Australian made
Radiant heat only (no fan)

Norseman Aura Insert
Chinese made
Fan mode

The dilemma is the Norseman is over $2k cheaper, I like that it has a fan. But the Kemlan does look a bit more solid, it really does radiate the heat out but will I wish it had a fan??

We are building our ‘forever’ home so quality is important but we don’t have an endless budget so the opportunity to save a decent amount of cash appeals. Just don’t want to wish in a year or two we’d spent the extra or had saved where we could.

I can’t find any online reviews for either. I’ve stood in front of an inbuilt Kemlan and it pumps the heat out. I’ve also stood in front of a freestanding Norseman and it seems as good but the guy did say that once it’s inbuilt it won’t have quite the same output.

Hubby thinks the fan mode will help push the heat out further into the room. It will be the main source of heating in main living room, we’ll turn ducted heating on low to circulate the warm air through bedrooms.

Any thoughts??

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