Extension plan ideas for a 1940's weatherboard house

Just starting to think about our extension plans and want to get a better idea of what we can and would like to do before we meet with builders / designers. Does anyone have great ideas to share? Here's our house plan at the moment. 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, etc. The rooms in the current plan could stay the same mostly. The bathroom/toilet has already been renovated into one bigger bathroom. We're waiting to confirm our extension plans before we renovate the kitchen. The room marked as dining is currently used as a play room...

Thinking of extending to the side and back, sacrificing a bit of the driveway and demolishing the old asbestos garage. We'd like to add 2 bedrooms and probably another bathroom. It would be good to still have a play room that would become a teenagers' retreat for the 3 kids in the future. I guess the extension will have to have some kind of garage (we don't park car in it currently but have a lot of junk in there), even if it's just for bikes, etc. Thinking we could start the extension near the entry and make it a more open entry maybe, more direct to the heart of the house. If we can fit a study somewhere in the extension, we might consider turning the study into the WIR (moving master bedroom door back) and extending the ensuite by using the current WIR (tiny).

Any idea, plan suggestion, recommendations greatly appreciated.

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