Help, ideas, suggestions for master bedroom

Mia van Wyk
September 29, 2018
I need some help on what to do! I have been given a max spending cost of around the $3000 mark to completely give the master a make over.
Needs to be updated:
-Flooring and painting
- Styling
- Door to outside
- Cabinetry etc.
Any ideas?

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  • girlguides
    Whilst a blank canvas is nice a few more details would help people make suggestions eg what do you most like and hate about your existing master Is door to outside Is there an ensuite?
  • Mia van Wyk
    Well this is what it looks like at the moment. And it includes an ensuite
  • Ian Howard
    Sleep on it
  • girlguides
    It’s amazing how quickly $3000 can go so I’d absolutely repaint room (perhaps warm white like natural white by dulux) as yellow is not a restful colour (tho I love it elsewhere) and then it’s a question of prioritising what you hate or needs replacing. Eg is your mattress over 10 years old - if so replace. Does door work - if not replace with maybe timber or double glazing. Is carpet threadbare or worn - if so replace with perhaps grey patterned or cork floorboards. Would you like more luxurious curtains eg one sheer for daylight plus one hot sun and light block
  • PRO
    Dr Retro House Calls

    $3000 is not a lot of money to spend on a make-over. This means that your decsions will be guided by your budget, and what you can live with, and what needs replacing. For instance if the carpet is in a good usable condition (I can't see from the photos or information), then use that as a starting point for the choice of colours and materials for the rest of the space. Your budget will exclude any changes other than paint to your ensuite and existing cabinetwork.

    One of the most important aspects of a bedroom makeover is the window furnishings to make sure that they block out enough light for those early summer mornings, and keep the heat in during thise cold winter nights.

    Careful selection of bedside lights can give you a lot of bang for your buck, as can a fresh coat of paint.

    Unfortunately only generalisations can be made about your makeover without any understanding of the rest of the room, the location of the ensuite, your climate, your existing furniture, the orientation and the type of doors. Good design is informed by understanding the client, the constraints, and the opportunities. You have not provided any meaningful information for a meaningful response.

    Best of luck

    Dr Retro

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    Paul Di Stefano Design

    will you be doing your own labour? $3K won't touch the sides if you are paying for labour and definitely won't cover anything structural - possibly just use it wisely to update some non-fixed aspects like the bed & side tables & a piece of art, perhaps change some door furniture/handles & maybe if you're game give it a coat of paint

  • Mia van Wyk
    Most of it, yes. I might be able to push it up to $5000