What do you think of a built-in bath?

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October 1, 2018
last modified: December 6, 2018

Below is a before and after of a bathroom renovation we just completed in Southern River WA. The owner wanted this design and we executed to the best we could. Would love to know what everyone's thoughts on the bricked bath.

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Comments (15)

  • julie herbert
  • siriuskey

    Love it, far nicer than the ordinary bath, and safer, but think the window should have been smaller with adding a shower. We have an old ensuite that is similar which we had to add a water proof blind to stop water damage to the window and for privacy when showering.

  • PRO
    Aus Joinery Kitchens Pty Ltd

    That is lovely, vast improvement on the original.

  • PRO

    Just lovely! well done!

  • Mia van Wyk

    Great Work! That is a beautiful bathroom now! You did so well!

  • how2girl

    No thanks, hard edges & no curves, Roman baths are very uncomfortable to actually bathe in.

  • cloudpants
    Love it!
  • debanger3
    No thanks.
  • Lynette Ludbrook

    Memories! We had a terrazo Roman bath in the all terrazo bathroom I grew up in, with a huge star made contrasting into the terrazo, on the floor, all burgundy, black, silver grey and white for the star, variations, in the Hollywood Palace/ Spanish mission style Calafornia Bungalow I grew up in. Fun, but unless you have a capacity to heat the internals of the tiles with the equivalent of underfloor heating, the water goes cold much too quickly in such baths and that is speaking from experience!

  • olldroo

    NO WAY - Backbreaking cleaning plus grout as well.

    Question - is there any reason for putting the taps and drain at the same end of the bath? Wouldn't it make far more sense to have them at opposite ends so the bath can be cleaned with a simple flush, rather than swirling the water round and round to get all the dust and cleaning fluid out. Wastes so much water too.

  • junipergirl

    Hmmm, not really a fan of that bath. I think the dark tiles make the room look gloomy. I also worry about that window.

    I do like the basins with the countertops though!

  • Roula Georgiou
    I love it! I would always prefer a modern built-in bath than a freestanding one. Not only it looks great but it's also practical and easier to clean.
  • KK1000
    Doesn’t look comfortable.
  • C P
    fairly certain that window isn't compliant for being in a shower area.
  • spmm
    Would hate to have to climb into that for a daily shower. Hard to clean as well. Taps are nice. Vessels like that get a build up of grot around the base as well from splashes.