cheap roof install legalities

last year
So, I had a galvanised roof that needed replacement. We requested colorbond sheets instead of galv or zinc.
Quote from numerous people specifically stated removal and replacement of new roof inc new insulation etc. NO mention of brand of corrugated sheets.

Towards the end of job, I noticed the sheets were incredibly crackly as the boys walked over them proving they were significantly thinner than the old galv sheets.

I was not home the final day they completed the job, so wasn’t able to inspect before they left, but we’d paid up already due to their pressure to “pay”.
I soon found over 40 serious scratches, that were to bare metal. I’ve since discovered nearly every sheet Is scratched simply because the coating is razor thin.

I think that the sheets might be dodgy cheap Chinese? Products NOT from bluescope HENCE scratching when just looking at them!?
Does anyone know the legalities of challenging cheap imitation installs? I asked for colorbond colour/sheets. If you ask for colorbond colours does that immediately expect bluescope or am I out of luck because I didn’t say I wanted “bluescope colorbond”??
This is our first house, and is all new to us. Other than the colorbond advert on TV, we wouldn’t know any better...?
Do I have a leg to stand on?
Clearly colorbond warranty doesn’t now apply...

there is vapour barrier paper/sarking also missing where they didn’t overlap rolls along the dorma window ridge line. I’m also guessing this doesn’t pass compliance since there is no moisture barrier from sheets to ceiling below?
Who do I approach, what can I do if anything?
Any thoughts appreciated!

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