About Outdoor Spas - What are the options?

2 years ago

So you’re wanting to finally install an outdoor spa but you’re a bit unsure about what, how, and where to start? It’s always smart to know exactly what you want, what you need, and where to install it and considering this may be your first time adding a spa into your life, you should ask help from the people who’ve done it for over 20 years. As Adelaide’s go-to spa experts, we are here to help you along the way!

Image Source: Five Star Spas

One thing to first keep in mind is space. If space is limited then a portable spa may work best for you. Whether tucked in a small corner of the backyard or even on your balcony, your portable spa will be easily accessible for your relaxation without taking up too much room. In case you need to make a move, then rest assured that you can take your spa with you, after all, it’s portable!

If exercise is just as important as relaxing with your new outdoor spa, then a swim spa will be an ideal choice. Considering they’re generally bigger in size, you may want to consider setting up an entire outdoor space with your swim spa. This will take bit more work to do, but in the end it’s all worth it.

Once you’re set on which outdoor spa to get you’ll have opportunity to customize it from choosing the shell, skirt, and even the cover colour.

As with life, sometimes Adelaide weather can be unpredictable. To complete the look and provide all-weather protection of your outdoor spa, consider installing a gazebo. You can even match your existing exterior colour scheme with the latest colourbond roofing colours for that integrated and seamless professional look. All gazebos are ready to go in kit form and come complete with a easy to follow step by step DIY instructions or if you prefer, professional installation can be arranged.