Advice on Master Bedroom Built In Closets

October 8, 2018

Hi there,

Sooo..I have a Feng Shui issue with my bed position! (Please refrain from laughing ;-)! )

If I adhere to the advice, Room 1 is supposed to have the bed head towards the west - where the stairs are.

My partner does not like the wall gap to sleep in as he doesn’t like to be boxed in.

Can anyone advise how to manage the space better? I was thinking to put closets in the west wall gap and then a wall to put the bedhead against... but it interferes with the window position.

Also i might be getting two King Single Beds as my partner and I have opposite needs in a mattress so dimension of bed width will be more like 212cm width (as opposed to 183 cm for a King).

Any ideas? I am not sure how to make this space work. Move the door? Nix the walk in? It looks awkward to me as is!

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  • bigreader
    I’d move the window. It’s important you both have room for your size bed and feel comfortable using it. After all the bed
    Room is for sleeping.
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  • oklouise

    is this a plan or an existing home? given the choice i would swop bedrooms and change the wiw to a biw for more comfortable space for both bedrooms and there's too many windows which can also create problems with overheating as well as furniture arrangement..something like this could work but which direction is north? and, if this is a new plan perhaps you could post the whole house plan to review any other issues....

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  • Tyrian

    Thanks guys. Bed 1 is South and Bed 2 is north. Or in your drawing oklouise bedroom 2 is south.

    This plan is a two story extension that is new and will basically be our house (parent living in the older part).

    My partner is obsessed with having room to get furniture in easily (constant apartment move ptsd) thats why the larger stairway entry. The permit is approved and we are about to build next week so not sure about changing windows about at this late stage as it’s been a hellish exercise getting to this point! I am having trouble attaching the plans as a screen shot on my phone, working on it..

  • oklouise

    there are many options for existing plans, even relocating the same sized windows on the same wall can allow better views and more wall space without affecting the permits....eg pushing the windows towards the corner could be worth considering...look forward to seeing the whole plan for upstairs and down

  • siriuskey

    I think the WIR would take up too much space which could be better used in the bedroom, A lovely long robe would be better, I was going to suggest some shaker style doors with a couple of doors having mirror panels, but I think that isn't for your Zen space? I'd like to see two tall windows with one being opposite the entry into the Master so that you have a view to outside when entering and also allow light back into the passage.

  • Tyrian

    Thank you Siriuskey!! That does look the more sensible option, much cleaner and less fuss. I will suggest this to the partner. You guys are amazing!

  • Tyrian

    This is the ground floor extension.

  • Tyrian

    And here is the top floor... feel free to critique! We did choose larger windows, but the smaller windows on the bedroom were a requirement for the air flow that we had to include.

  • PRO
    MB Design & Drafting

    Request that the designer reworks the Bed 1 & 2 areas. Bed 1 is a clunky room as you've discovered trying to fit in bed/s.

    oklouise & siriuskey are also on the right track with their layouts.

  • Tyrian

    And for fun -

    The base will be recycled brick red, limed white and blues. The second storey will be a pale grey (Haymes Pale Mushroom 6 -50%) with roof of Woodland Grey.