Design ideas for study room

Des Young
October 22, 2018
Wondering if anyone can provide advice of how I should set out my study room?
The room sits directly off our front door entry way and you can walk through the room to access the internal garage door(white) and can walk through to dining room.

Dimensions of the room are 2.7m wide x 5.2m long. The white wall opposite the windows is approx 3m long.

I want to have a work station desk to fit 2 people so thinking my only option is to have a long desk built along the 3m white wall. Appreciate any other ideas though! Thanks.

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  • oklouise

    a desk along the blank wall sounds ideal but as it appears the space is visible from the front door you may decide to include matching wall cabinets with open shelves and doors as well as deep drawers to store computers etc out of sight when not in use...a cabinet maker would be able to custom make some suitable cabinets or flat pac cabinets like IKEA or Kaboodle would make a more economical arrangement

  • oklouise

    btw love the gorgeous floor can you tell us about it?

  • PRO
    Lynne Bradley Interiors

    Get a cabinet maker to custom build a work station across the entire width of that blank wall. As it is on full show I would recommend incorporating mainly cupboards and drawers so you can hide stuff away. Consider using a coloured polyurethane and nice stone bench top and cabinetry hardware, as it will be the first thing guests see when entering your home. Contact me if you would like further design suggestions.

  • Des Young
    It’s a vinyl plank flooring by Godfrey Hirst and the colour is spotted gum. Very easy to maintain! I’ve attached another photo of our dining room which shows the floor. Thanks.
  • oklouise

    many thanks all looks lovely and a dark stained study desk and shelves should look great with the floor and also complement your furniture

  • dreamer
    Hi Des, you could put the study desk along the wall with the windows. The desk could be the same height as your middle window frame. You could incorporate drawers under the desk for storage. Then have storage, either open or enclosed on wall that is visible from front door.
  • dreamer
    In my home office, I managed to find a buffet that was the right height for two shelves of A4 files. It looks like a normal buffet, but is my storage for papers and files. Maybe you could incorporate something like this on the wall that is visible from front door.
  • Des Young
    Thank you for those wonderful ideas. Appreciate you sharing your ideas.
  • julie herbert
    Hi Des,
    Something like this could look great.add a couple of comfortable chairs , love your beautiful floors too.
  • siriuskey

    I would have the desks across the windows with a set of draws between them and open shelves on the wall above the drawers. That lovely Amoire is a great screen from the front door for the desk. The lounge to stretch out on when needing to read something.

    Much nicer to have a view from your desk instead of looking at a wall. both windows can have internal timber shutters or blinds for privacy. cheers