Spray paint vs hand painting for a bathroom cabinet; chalk paint??

Anya Tee
last year

I need to repaint a wooden under-the-sink cabinet in my bathroom. I am wondering whether it would be better to do it with spray paint or paint by hand? And whether chalk paint (which I would then oil) would be suitable for a bathroom, in a position where it is likely to get a bit of water spray every now and again? Advice appreciated

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  • oklouise
    last year

    can't advise about the best paint but suggest you take one of the doors or drawers to a specialist paint shop and ask them (not basic hardware store) won't need much paint so the best quality to suit the job will be a worthwhile investment...should be a simple easy job but would imagine that brush painting will be safer and less messy for the walls but you could spray doors and drawers outside for a different finish but the paint specialist should be able to give best advice and would love to see the finished job and learn what product you chose

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  • Anya Tee
    Original Author
    last year

    Thanks oklouise - good suggestion to take a door in! I'll do that this weekend and will keep you posted! :)