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best powder room layout- urgent advice!!

3 years ago
Hi I am going to go with the idea to ditch shower and go for a luxurious powder room. I am struggling with the best layout and would like to ask your opinions- now that the demolition of the old bathroom has started it is easier to get a sense of space and how the highlight window impacts design. See photo.

I’ve sketched 3 options-
Option 1- gives me the longest vanity (1.8), but toilet will be opposite door
Option 2- hides toilet, gives me a good vanity size (1.5) but has the whole left hand side free. Not sure if this is a good thing, and I can add a plant or something in corner or will feel like I haven’t used all the space.
Option 3- hides toilet, gives me a 1.5m vanity but it will be under the window. And I’m not sure how well that would go - i’d probably need a long mirror instead of a decorative framed window.

Note, I’m sticking with one bowl /basin as my plan is to put pendant lights at other end!

I am seeking opinions please!! I need to let my tradeys know which way I want to go tomorrow!!

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