How many Houzzers hate all shades of grey as much as I do?

Lynette Ludbrook
2 years ago
last modified: 2 years ago

Years ago I moved into a lovely flat with city views.

The only problem was that within weeks the grey interior walls were making me feel depressed and miserable.

I quickly asked the landlord if I could repaint the walls at my own expense!

The landlord agreed.

Grey was replaced by "airey cream"!

Instantly my mood was back to active and optomistic!

I lived in that flat for 11 years. I absolutely loved it, but had it had to remain with a grey interior I would have moved at the end of my lease.

Am I the only person that finds grey the most depressing and oppressive colour in home exteriors and interior decor?

I know it is fashionable, but to me it is the mission brown of the 2000s!

I can't wait for it to go out of vogue and no doubt it will; only to be replaced by the next on trend colour!

Can the current trend to grey be linked to the high levels of depression in the community, especially for those of us living with long cold winters?

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