Looking for a roofer/fabricator with low pitched roof experience.

November 30, 2018

The rain deluge that hit Sydney this week was an unpleasant reminder that we need to find a professional to redesign part of the low pitched roof on our 1860s terrace, to stop it leaking into our home. We have a timber deck over a clip lock roof which would work fine if an access hutch hadn't been built at right angles across the roof, in the 80's. Its around the hutch where water runs inside.

We need an experienced roofer who can fabricate metal to route water around the hutch and take it off the roof.

Where would we find someone who specializes in this kind of thing. We're capable of doing the grunt work - removing + replacing the decking etc. We just need an expert for the critical parts.

Then as it's sandstone I'm guessing we need a roof water proofer to seal the area where it joins the sandstone. Any recommendations greatly appreciated. Thank you Louisa.

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    MB Design & Drafting

    Contact Velux (skylights). Sounds odd perhaps but their installers are well experienced with water proofing, roof's, etc. or try a roof plumber experienced with terraces. Not just any roofer but one with terrace experience.

    I know a Velux installer and he makes up his own flashings, etc as well as being a great builder. Unfortunately he's no where near you.

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    Fast Eddys Rubbish Removal

    make sure you use the right metal roofing, I have had this problem myself and used normal corrugate as a replacement but the pitch is too low and I should have used the another profile, not sure what its called, but the one that has square ridges