Adding just one cabinet (pantry) to a relatively new kitchen

2 years ago


I bought my home last year and it has a galley kitchen which can't be more than a few years old. I think that it might be a kaboodle kitchen.

The only problem is that most of the storage space is in high wall cabinet, and I'd like to install a pantry in the space next to the fridge cavity. While it would be ideal to have a perfect match for the white high-gloss cabinets, 'm resigned to the fact that the current cabinets have probably discoloured a little over time.

My main issue is finding some in the Melbourne South East willing to install just one cabinet. The kitchen places I've called either refuse to quote t or don't return my calls. IKEA and Bunnings will sell me a kitchen cabinet, but won't recommend any local companies to assemble and install.

I know that a pantry probably needs to be secured to the wall, and that the weight of the door might put more stress on the hinges, so I'd really like to get a professional cabinet maker to build a cabinet. Failing that, I'd like someone skilled to assemble and install it.

Any experience with the long term quality of large cabinets from either IKEA or Kaboodle? Or any tips on cabinet makers who handle small jobs?



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