Before and after – single or double sink?

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December 3, 2018
last modified: December 6, 2018

Below is a bathroom renovation we recently completed in Atwell WA. What i would love to know is like the bathroom below the owner wanted a single basin for the ensuite. Would most people prefer a double sink or more bench space?

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  • Ains

    We've got the same bath! I wasn't so bothered over the two sinks but my husband was and insisted - Kind of lucky he did because we very often are brushing our teeth at the same time and there isn't a lot that goes on the vanity top.

  • julie herbert
    Wow!!! That’s absolutely gorgeous.
  • genkii
    I don’t really care if it’s one or two. My partner and I are in the bathroom at different times and if I had to choose between two basins or one plus bench space, I’d chose one
  • cloudpants

    Fabulous transformation. We have one sink on our vanity and dont need any more. Prefer the bench space.

  • KK1000
    More bench space , can’t imagine brushing teeth with someone else in there. It’s me time.
  • daf Marie
    My small bungalow bathroom has two basins, yet nobody uses the second one. everyone stands and uses the one farther away from the power point. There is hardly any bench space, and little room between the two.
    If you have plenty of room go 2 , I would go 1, as the unused one just is just a dust collector like the bath' and I have more to clean. Yikes!
    Give each basin it its own power points, otherwise the electric toothbrush never goes back to recharge. grrrr.. I think Bench space is more important than multiple basins. (What next 3-4 Basins?? I jest! )
  • PRO
    On The Ball Bathrooms

    Thanks for the feedback everyone. I would say most people we renovate for these days lean towards the more bench space which by my reading is similar experience to everyone else :)

  • PRO
    The Wild Heart Collective Australia
    Awesome renovation guys... fabulous colour scheme & textural choices. I think I would potentially consider one sink with two taps come to think of it? But if push came to shove, one sink to preserve counter space... one person can surely wait 2 mins to wash hands or brush teeth... I guess the manscaping by hubby would be the only thing to hold things up but really... in the grand scheme of things, its a luxury & not really important :)
  • Dm Stan

    We have the benefit of living with both scenarios. Single sink in the bathroom; two in the ensuite. The bathroom has been reno’d and a shaving cabinet was installed. The ensuite needs a reno and doesn’t have a shaving cabinet.

    If you have a mirrored shaving cabinet, it probably won’t matter if you have one or two sinks. Bench space won’t factor. All the clutter will be nicely hidden away in the cabinet. Provided there’s enough space between two sinks so they don’t look squashed in, flip a coin or let personal preference rule on the number of sinks.

    No shaving cabinet - I’d go one sink. When the ensuite gets done we’ll definitely install a cabinet. The bench top becomes so much neater, spacious, uncluttered and easy to clean.

  • olldroo

    Bench space is not just for clutter - it is useful space to put things on when there is very little else in bathrooms. Quite frankly I would have put the basin at the opposite end and left the bench space beside the bath where it would be more useful for putting things more readily accessable when taking a bath, especially that style of bath where there is just nowhere to put anything.

  • Roula Georgiou
    I like it with one sink and more bench space to give one the feeling of having more space. In this bathroom I would have preferred the sink to be moved in the centre of the counter to be further from the bath, but other than that it looks great.
  • Jo M

    Definitely one sink only. I don't get the trend for double sinks, I really do not want to share toothbrushing, rinsing, flossing etc!! ugh!

  • Swa Neee

    Two sinks would be great, even if you are a single, you can soak your face washers in one sink while brushing teeth in other. I really like the design with the storage ledge built in above a splash-back, will try to add photo

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  • PRO
    Aus Joinery Kitchens Pty Ltd

    One sink and more bench space please, its rather unnecessary to have two unless there is 6 people using the one bathroom. Take turns, plus when your a parent, the bathroom becomes your safe zone where you can get to be by yourself. No kids and no significant other to interrupt your quality time with yourself.