West facing Patio and deck

December 9, 2018

Our patio and deck which overlooks the pool is West facing and we are so battling with the afternoon sun !!! We already have tint on our patio sliding doors as well as vertical blind/awnings that we can pull down (but this blocks out any breeze and the sun just beats straight through and it ends up becoming like a hot tent). Can someone please help us with a solution to this. We thought of putting a roof over the decked area (which is in front of the patio and over half the pool) but it is going to cost around $20 000 and we are not sure if this will be the solution to the low sun. Help would be appreciated please

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  • julie herbert
    You could try shade sails or retractable awnings to give you the shade you need.
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  • bigreader
    Can you post some pic? And is the problem all year around of just in summer?
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  • oklouise

    low afternoon sun is horizontal and needs a vertical screen to stop the sun reaching the windows and a gap between the blinds and the screens avoids overheating...where are the blinds? a pergola with shade roofing or a verandah with combined solid and transluscent roofing over the deck with shade cloth roller blinds pulled down vertically on the outside edges of the deck...wall and roof shading will also keep the floor and walls cooler and black shade cloth is best for creating a cooling effect without affecting the view too much.. just like looking through fly screening...adding an outdoor fan and/or portable air con will help keep air moving (and bugs away) but to achieve the best quality result will be a substantial investment but well worth the cost if it makes your home more comfortable but you could try a timber framed pergola over the whole deck and patio with DIY stretched shade cloth for the most economical solution ...

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  • PRO
    MB Design & Drafting

    Retractable (motorised) awnings are very good value.

    Around $8000 or thereabouts for a 3.6 x 4.2 wide installed.

    Will struggle to build a fixed awning for that!

    The really good thing with retractable awnings is that during winter they can retracted to allow the natural light in.

    'Vergola' types of awnings with the adjustable blades are also very good of you want something pretty flashy with downlights, overhead fans, etc. that also looks really good.

    Get the options priced as 'Vergola' for example aren't really that expensive compared to the benefits. Retractable awnings (julie herbert's last picture) are best 'bang for your buck'!

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  • dreamer
    As oklouise has said, the hot afternoon sun, comes from the side. Retractable awnings, pergolas vergolas shade sails, will only deal with the overhead sun. The blinds that you have, are they a breathable shade cloth PVC, or are they a solid fabric. There are different types of material used for pull down blinds. The pvc shade cloth with a larger weave, will let some air through. You could also install a ceiling fan.
  • friendlykim

    Thank you for the inputs so far.

    1. We do already have a ceiling fan on the patio.

    2. The vertical blinds are on the patio and were professionally made by a blind and awning company - good quality breathable fabric..not solid fabric.(cost a fortune).

    3. I will try and put photos up. I have put them on the Houzz phone app.

  • dreamer
    The third photo that Julie Herbert has posted, I think is a very good solution. We have retractable blinds and because they are motorised they are so easy to use. And with the additional drop down sides, this would work. Still check out the pvc rating though. We went through a company in Perth called, ABC blinds. Size of each blind is 5000 x 3500 cost $2800 each installed.
  • dreamer
    Sorry, crossed posts. Well if you already have a fan, breathable fabric a patio roof etc. then maybe you need a roof extractor fan to take out the hot air.
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  • friendlykim

    Will look into all of the above... thank you

  • dreamer
    Hi friendly Kim. I've just looked at your profile to see if I could find your photos. I noticed you have them on a new post. I now understand, you already have a full alfresco area under the main roof, and vertical sun blinds, and also have noticed your fan, as you mentioned. The roof extractor fan may help remove the heat. I was also thinking if you had some tall lush plants along the side where the pull down blinds are. This would stop the sun, but allow the air through. But, sometimes we just have to move inside. This is why solar passive orientation of our new homes is so important. Hope you find a solution.
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  • friendlykim

    Yeah...we never considered the solar orientation for a minute when we were designing the house...and unfortunately the builders never advised us either. Oh well... the roof extractor fan will certainly help and I will research some tall plants as well. Thank you so much for all your help.

  • dreamer
    Hi friendlykim, I have been pondering your challenge. Maybe a cantilevered patio might help. The supports would be in the ground between the pool and side boundary fence. You could have a steel or wooden structure. This would then stop the west sun on the pool and before it enters your alfresco area. Since it is cantilevered, there is no supporting posts to get in your way on the alfresco side. Downside, this might be costly. Food for thought.
  • dreamer
    My rough sketches.
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  • friendlykim

    Wow thank you.. Thats a great idea. Might be costly but I think we will just have to look at investing a decent some of money in order to be comfortable out there. Right now we pull down the blinds and it becomes like a sauna (no airflow) and then we can't sit and enjoy the view of our pool (when some are swimming and some are enjoying just watching). This might just be the answer. You are a star.

  • friendlykim

    Also...Queensland sunshine coast is sooo hot and humid at times.

  • dreamer
    I'm glad I could help. Hope you get to enjoy your beautiful outdoor area. By the way, 24 and cloudy in Perth today. But 38 on Friday. My retractable awnings are getting a work out. Thanks. All the best.