Painting a red brick house

Christelle D
December 9, 2018

We are looking to paint our red brick house. We also have cream roller shutters. I would like to paint the house grey but wondering what the cream shutters would look like??? Has anyone painted a house with cream roller shutters?I'm told we shouldn't paint the shutters as it may cause them to jam.

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  • me me
    Could you post a picture please?
  • bigreader
    Grey and cream will rarely go together. You may need to rethink your paint colour, there are 1000s to chose from. I think you could paint the shutters but it would require touch ups around the moving parts.
  • PRO
    Dr Retro House Calls

    I agree with bigreader that grey and cream rarely work well together. You won't many photos of thic combination as it doesn't work. I would be considering other options before painting red brick - as once painted it is there forever. A picture would help Houzzers make some suggestions. Grey paint is the apricot paint of the 2020's.

    Best of luck with your considerations,

    Dr Retro

    of Dr Retro House Calls