Will it be too sterile?

Dean Quinlivan
December 18, 2018
New build. Kitchen/family room. Contemplating painting walls, ceiling and beams all in Dulux Matt Natural White. Floors will be dark timber. Lots of natural light. Have lots of bright artwork for walls. Will it be too sterile?

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  • julie herbert
    Hi Dean,
    What a fabulous room and what a view, with your dark floor and bright artwork I would go white, it will look stunning and definitely not sterile.
  • Kay
    We have just done a similar new build, with Lexicon 1/2 strength.
    Pics as below, measuring up for the artwork
    Whilst it looks very white & stark now, when furniture and styling is added, it’s a whole other story.
    I think yours will look modern & clean in keeping with the style of new hair me, not sterile at all.
    My only thought is if you have used the timber beams as a feature, it would be a shame to paint over them.
  • legendaryflame
    I would think it would look good with all but the beams painted as long as you add colour and texture in your furnishings. I would not paint the beams as they provide beautiful character and prevent the colour scheme looking sterile.
  • Dean Quinlivan
    Thanks, you have given me the confidence to go white (have never used white on walls before) however still in quandary over beams, found this photo of painted beams which I like. I’m thinking if they are painted they will still be a feature however would not “lower” the ceiling height.
  • oklouise

    i also prefer the white beams to add texture rather than contrast and when you have such a fabulous view you don't need much else to add decoration

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  • georgierred
    We also had unpainted timber beams originally, I was unsure if painting them white lost some of the warmth from the room but am so glad we did. They are not so heavy looking but still an architectural feature.
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  • Cath N

    Originally I thought leave the beams but when I gave it more thought, I liked the white! More modern, clean feel

  • buildingblogs
    Is there any reason you couldn't delay painting the beams? See how it looks once the floor is in and then paint if desired. There is a previous photo that looks effective with painted beans and darker lighting, have you given any thought to what type of lighting you plan on doing?
  • Dean Quinlivan

    buildingblogs, thanks for your comments. The whole house will be painted in one go so really need to make a decision - and (I think) we have decided to go with painted. The beams were never designed at weight bearing and the only beams we could find here in Hobart at the time long enough were baltic pine and they don't have sufficient grain to bother highlighting.

    We have both down and up lights designed for the space to both provide sufficient light and highlight the structure. In saying that we use mainly lamps at night once the cooking/eating is out of the way.

    Now the dilemma of choosing exterior colours. Honestly believe choosing colours to be the hardest part of building.

  • Dean Quinlivan
    Beams painted....still needing one more coat but happy with outcome....
  • julie herbert
    Looks fabulous Dean, gorgeous room.
  • Dean Quinlivan

    Thank you Julie.

  • legendaryflame
    I like it. You have a beautiful room and a stunning outlook!
  • Dean Quinlivan
    Thanks Legendaryflame, at the back of my mind I still wonder if I should have stained the beams same colour as floor however no going back now. Painting the beams has achieved that airy feeling I wanted to keep. Thanks for you input.