What open plan layout?

Steven Kijlstra
January 3, 2019

My girlfriend and I recently bought a house and are interested in renovating the living/dining/kitchen portion of the house.

I've attached the current plans and my considered option. The house had a sunroom (converted verandah) on the side of the house (top of plan picture) that I'm considering turning into laundry and storage. The front of the house (roadside) is to the right of the plan. North is top left of plan (Australia).

We are going for a contemporary / scandy look, while trying to make it as open and outdoors as possible.

Any thoughts greatly appreciated!

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  • dreamer
    Before starting on this idea, check with a structural engineer about the kitchen/dining wall, and the wall as you enter home. Are these structural walls that are holding your roof up? Once you have this information, then your plan and budget can begin.
  • oklouise

    can you show dimensions including the sunroom and is the sunroom at the same floor level as the main house, what are the walls and floor made out of and describe your climate

  • Steven Kijlstra
    The roof is a truss roof and those internal walls (not sure about entry way) are non weight bearing.
    The floor is raised wooden boards with ~60cm tall access hatch at the top left corner of the plan.
    The sun room runs the length of the house and is ~3m wide, it is at ground level (~60cm lower). I will endeavour to get more accurate measurements on the plan.
  • Steven Kijlstra
    Additionally the internal walls are wooden stud and the external walls are brick on the outside.
    The climate is reasonably dry ranging from -5 to 35C.
  • Steven Kijlstra
    The length of the living area is 12m (top to bottom) and the width of the family area is 4.8m
  • oklouise

    with such generous available space my suggestions consider long term improvements for the whole house and temporarily retains the existing laundry in favour of a different option for kitchen and pantry (with long term prospects for new bathroom, powder room and ensuite) and i would also keep the entry foyer for privacy and heat zoning and, because of the western aspect to the rear, think about smaller sliding doors and windows with a gable roofed ground level alfresco to provide outdoor living area and screening for late afternoon sun and, unless there's a very special view and potential for a deck towards the front, replace the external living room door with same sized windows...

  • Steven Kijlstra
    Great thinking Louise. I had not considered this. This would lengthen our renovation process, but likely end up with more favourable results! Thanks
  • oklouise

    once you discover what renovating can do you'll realise that it never ends but perhaps you could do the kitchen and living areas first and leave the laundry and any alteration to the bathrooms until they need updating and maybe consider the external living areas next..happy renovating and enjoy your new home together

  • ddarroch
    From your description, you living areas face a NW backyard. So I agree with OKLouise, you don't want to overglaze the NW side of the house, or it will get very hot in summer! OKLouise's idea of a covered alfresco area will help shade this side of the house, reducing summer afternoon heat.