Which size rug should we choose?

Damster Damster
January 3, 2019
last modified: January 9, 2020

I’d love some opinions on choosing rugs for our open-plan area.

We’d love two rugs to create a living and dining zone.

The main challenge is in sizing. Our dining area is larger than the living area. I’m unsure whether two large rugs of equal size (eg 3 x 4) would be a good idea to ‘equal out’ the spaces.

My concern is if we get a smaller rug that just fits the dining table, it will just emphasize the difference.

Also there’s a ‘dead zone’ in one side of the dining table. I’m unsure whether to leave it as ‘negative space’ or fill with a rug to create more of a zone.

I’ve been playing with the rug tool on Miss Amara but it mainly just shows potential colours and patterns rather than how to resolve dilemma above.

Any advice greatly welcomed!

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